5 Worst Episodes of The Office

The Office (image via NBC)
The Office (image via NBC)

The American version of The Office parted ways eight years ago, and it still tops the streaming charts. Often lauded as the greatest sitcom ever with a cult following, it's safe to say that Michael Scott and co. were the Belle Of The Ball.

The modern classic lasted for nine seasons and 201 episodes, and for the most part, the fan-favourite show has been an unforgettable ride with one or two slip-ups, but in the end, it left us satisfied and smiling. That's What She Said!

It's easier to pick the best episodes from the bunch than the worst ones. But nothing can be perfect and consistent for nine straight years, and whether attributed to poor storytelling, poor delivery, or just pure cringe factor, there are some episodes that fans just wanna skip and forget.

Perhaps one has never rewatched the Mafia episode or just couldn't stand Pam's weird relationship with Brian, the cameraman or some of Michael's most cringeworthy moments; the worst Office episodes often forego laughs for drama and lose a lot of the show's usual heart.

But fans don't have to because they can easily skip them with a look at what we claim are the five worst episodes of this legendary sitcom.

Five Worst Episodes Of The Office

#5 Here Comes Treble (Season 9 Episode 5)

The office here comes treble (image via NBC)
The office here comes treble (image via NBC)

Being an episode from season 9, there's not much emphasis on humor and with Jim and Pam's relationship troubles at their peak, it's hard to enjoy the episode while being sober.

The only enjoyable part of the episode was Dwight's Halloween costume and him getting a pumpkin stuck on his head. That counted for an ounce of laughter, which quickly fades.

It's evident that fans do not like Jim and Pam arguing for so long, and the episode even fails to balance out comedy amidst all that drama.

#4 Fundraiser (Season 8 Episode 22)

The office fundraiser (image via NBC)
The office fundraiser (image via NBC)

In the aftermath of Michael Scott's departure, the office lost its edge. And while trying to remedy the eventual sadness with possible replacements, it led to Andy filling Michael's spot.

The episode 'Fundraiser' tries to dig into Andy's story and can be easily regarded as another one of his misadventures, making it blatantly transparent to fans that an obnoxious character like Andy isn't precisely protagonist material.

It's just another episode from season 8 that proves - once and for all - Andy's no Michael Scott!

#3 Gettysburg (Season 8 Episode 8)

The office gettysburg (image via NBC)
The office gettysburg (image via NBC)

Focusing on another one of Andy's weird ideas to induce motivation in the Office employees, the writers had no idea how to pull it off the way they did back in the Michael Scott era.

What sounds like fun - Andy forcing his employees to go on a field trip or Robert California asking them to come up with Dunder Mifflin's "next big idea"?

The answer's nothing, and that's what the episode offers!

#2 The Banker (Season 6 Episode 14)

The office the banker (image via NBC)
The office the banker (image via NBC)

The only episode on this list with Michael Scott. It just had that tone of wacky writing seasons 8 and 9 suffered from.

Focusing on the imminent threat from the visit of a high profile investment banker, the episode induces cringe with Michael's ridiculous lies and Dwight's impersonation as Toby.

And while the episode acts as a flashback to some memorable compilations, it only comes off as lazy writing and a mere wasteful plot.

#1 Get The Girl (Season 8 Episode 19)

The office get the girl (image via NBC)
The office get the girl (image via NBC)

As lame and cheesy as the title sounds, it's just one of the many reasons this season 8 episode tops the list of the worst ones.

The episode mainly features Andy and Erin's romance, which in all fairness has never been well received by fans. Sitting through half an hour to see Andy drive across the country to track down Erin and then serenading her in the cringiest way possible is something no fan deserves.

And in addition to this utter mess, Nellie takes over the office in Andy's absence. It's widely prevalent that fans find her super-annoying and nothing's worse than watching her sit in the same chair the great 'Michael freaking Scott' once did!

Feel free to share your list of the worst episodes in the comments section below.

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