New Castlevania spin-off confirmed to be releasing on Netflix

A new spin-off series in the world of Castlevania announced (Image via Netflix)
A new spin-off series in the world of Castlevania announced (Image via Netflix)

The Netflix adaptation of the Konami-based game Castlevania recently came to an end, as the final season of the series aired on May 13th, 2021.


Even though the animated series of Castlevania ended, the universe it left behind lives on. Netflix has confirmed yet another spin-off series, which is set to take place in the same world, albeit with a different set of characters.

Today, at Netflix’s first-ever Geeked Week, the team behind Castlevania bid farewell to the original series, but they announced a new series set in the same world. The series will come to fruition with the partnership of Kevin Kolde’s Project 51 production, along with the executive production and writing of Clive Bradley.

What is known so far about the new Castlevania spin-off?

Castlevania was the first-ever animated adaptation of a game taken up by Netflix. The first season of the long-running show came out back in 2017, and after five long years of jam-packed action into a dark fantasy world filled with vampires, the show has finally come to an end, as its final season aired last month.

But as soon as the series ended, both Bradley and Kolde joined hands to create another spin-off series of Castlevania. While the stories of Trevor Belmont and Sypha end with the fourth season of Castlevania, the next planned series is set to carry on where the series left off.

The new series will feature the story of Richter Belmont (a direct descendant of both Trevor and Sypha), as the story timeline is set during the French Revolution.

Director of Castlevania, Sam Deats said,

We hope you enjoyed the Castlevania series. We are here today to finally confirm the news that we are nowhere near done with this world.

Adam Deats, Assistant Director of Castlevania, also added,

And now for the most exciting news, this new series will star Richter Belmont and of course, Maria Renard. The story is set in 1792 France against the backdrop of the French Revolution.

Powerhouse Animation will continue their partnership with Netflix for the new Castlevania series under the direction of Sam and Adam Deats.

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