ACE family reportedly facing two more lawsuits amid house "eviction" scandal

Image via Instagram/TheAceFamily
Image via Instagram/TheAceFamily

After the alleged paperwork detailing the ACE Family's eviction surfaced online, more alleged lawsuits have come forward regarding the YouTube family.

Austin McBroom recently came under fire as he was exposed as the majority owner of Social Gloves Entertainment company, which hosted the YouTuber vs TikTokers boxing event on June 12th. Two weeks after the event, many performers and boxers announced that they had not been paid.

Screenshots of the lawsuits with Ace Hat Collection Incorporation depict a case summary that was filed in September 2020 and another filed in April 2021. Along with the two lawsuits, the ACE Family is allegedly facing three lawsuits in total and possible foreclosure of their seven million dollar home along with paying for the boxing event.

The April lawsuit comes from a construction equipment rental company, whereas the September lawsuit comes from the social media company Subify. Both are pending at the time of this article.

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ACE family in trouble

The ACE family's patriarch, Austin McBroom, has not shied away from the media lately. After being called out by Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul about his alleged cheating, Mongeau then came forward, accusing Austin McBroom's association with Social Gloves Entertainment of being the reason various talented people have yet to be paid.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office directory, Austin McBroom's company, Ace Hat Collection Incorporated, owns the Social Gloves Entertainment trademark.

The lawsuits against McBroom's company were submitted anonymously to Twitter user defnoodles, who tweeted the screenshots.

Many Twitter users began commenting on the status of the ACE family allegedly being in legal trouble. Some were quick to mention that the ACE family were living beyond their means.

Most netizens commented on how the ACE family previously attempted to sell lessons to "get rich like them." Here are some of the reactions:

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Overwhelmingly, many users state they "feel sorry" for the children being among their parents' legal troubles. Neither Catherine Paiz nor Austin McBroom has come forward with a comment or dispute on the legal matter.

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