Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers: Where to get, release date, price and more details explored

Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers
Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)

The Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers mark a significant moment in the intersection of sports and style. Real Madrid, a name that resonates with football enthusiasts globally, has partnered with Adidas to launch a special edition Gazelle, a move that excites both the sports and fashion communities.

This collaboration is a tribute to the iconic football club Real Madrid’s history. The release of these sneakers has generated considerable buzz among fans and sneakerheads alike. The Adidas Gazelle embodies the spirit of Real Madrid. The collaboration is evidence of the club's legacy in the world of football.

These sneakers are set to be released on November 23, 2023, with a price point of $100 and are available in men's sizes. The Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers are a symbol of allegiance to one of football's greatest clubs.

The sneakerlovers can purchase the sneakers directly from, which offers fans and collectors an easy way to acquire this exclusive piece of merchandise.

Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers will be available at $100

Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)
Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)

For those eager to own a piece of this collaborative history, the Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers are readily available. Fans and collectors can purchase them on

With their release, Adidas and Real Madrid offer more than just a shoe; they provide a wearable piece of football legacy.

Priced at $100 and available in men’s sizes, these sneakers are accessible to a wide audience. They represent not just an investment in style but also in the heritage and prestige of Real Madrid.

This partnership between Adidas and the esteemed football club is a celebration of their respective histories and a testament to their influence in their respective fields.

A Legacy Crafted in Suede and Leather

Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)
Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)

The Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” edition features a unique design that sets it apart. The upper is crafted from Legend Ink suede, giving the shoe a luxurious and tactile appeal.

The sides and heel tabs are adorned with Cloud White leather in the iconic Three Stripes pattern, a hallmark of Adidas’ design language. This combination of materials not only offers durability but also a sophisticated look.

The details on these sneakers are meticulously crafted. The heels boast a Gold Metallic Adidas Trefoil logo, adding a touch of elegance to the overall design. The lateral side of the shoe features the Gazelle text, subtly nodding to its heritage.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature is the Real Madrid emblem prominently stamped on the tongues, a direct homage to the club's legacy.

Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)
Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers (Image via SBD)

The entire design rests on a solid White rubber sole, ensuring comfort and stability. This choice of sole not only complements the aesthetic but also enhances the shoe’s functionality, making it suitable for both casual wear and light sporting activities.

A Stroll Through Adidas Gazelle History

The Gazelle's journey is reflective of Adidas’ own evolution as a brand. From providing athletic footwear to diversifying into fashion, Adidas has maintained a reputation for quality and innovation.

The Gazelle, in particular, has transitioned from a sports shoe to a fashion staple, showcasing Adidas' ability to blend functionality with style.

The Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers are a fusion of style, sport, and history. This Real Madrid edition offers fans a unique way to showcase their love for the game and their favorite club.

These Adidas Gazelle “Real Madrid” sneakers are available now on These are definitely a must-have for the sneakerheads who are leaning towards sports and fashion. Don't miss the chance to own a piece of this exclusive collaboration, a true celebration of football and fashion.

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