Amy Poehler and her lookalike Britney Simmons leave Twitter scandalized 

Amy Poehler= Britney Simmons?
Amy Poehler= Britney Simmons?
Modified 07 Apr 2021

SNL star Amy Poehler recently found herself on the Twitter trending page, courtesy of her uncanny resemblance to a certain Britney Simmons, who has acquired quite the notorious reputation online.

Speaking about the latter, Britney Simmons is believed to be a 24-year old stripper who gained worldwide notoriety after a bizarre report of her altercation with five police officers went viral on Twitter recently.

The eye-catching headline above belongs to a report by satirical fake news website "World News Daily," which chronicled the fanciful altercation between Britney Simmons and Miami Police.

According to the report, police were called to apprehend Simmons, who was allegedly intoxicated and behaving erratically.

However, she decided to resist arrest in a rather mind-boggling fashion, as the report claims that she left officers momentarily indisposed by - believe it or not- ejecting her bodily fluids towards them.

This apparently left "two officers injured and three temporarily blinded." The report also states that if she is convicted of aggravated assault with a "deadly weapon" against five police officers, legal experts believe Simmons could face up to 1,036 years in jail.

Upon reading this report, several Twitter users not only found it hard to stifle a laugh but also pointed out Simmons' uncanny resemblance to Amy Poehler.

As a result of this bizarre trend, the "Inside Out" star found herself trending on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, leaving Twitter users scandalized in the process.

Amy Poehler memes trend on Twitter, after her lookalike Britney Simmons' exploits go viral

A recipient of numerous accolades, Amy Poehler is one of the most notable names in the world of comedy and entertainment today.

From Saturday Night Live to Parks and Recreation, her influence upon the comedy scene has been monumental.

Amy Poehler is also renowned for her friendship and on-screen dynamic with fellow comedian Tina Fey. The popular duo have collaborated on a gold mine of projects over the course of their respective careers.

Amy Poehler is certainly no stranger to online publicity. However, the reason behind her latest appearance on the Twitter trending page is probably one that she could not have seen coming.

Also keeping in mind the disputable credibility of the bizarre article, several Twitter users reacted to the recent Amy Poehler trend with a mixture of shock, amusement and scorn:

As reactions continue to pile up online, this Amy Poehler trend surely seems to belong right up there in the list of the most bizarre things to have happened so far in 2021.

Published 07 Apr 2021
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