'Army of Thieves' ending explained: Are the aspiring thieves successful with their heist? (Spoilers)

Army of Thieves came out on Netflix yesterday (Image via IMDb)
Army of Thieves came out on Netflix yesterday (Image via IMDb)
Shruti Kotiya

Army of Thieves, the prequel to Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead, premiered on Netflix yesterday, and it's a power-packed film. The style-heist movie has a comedic element while also maintaining the key characters and events from the Synderverse.

The much-awaited comedy thriller is directed by Matthias Schweighöfer and set six years before Army of the Dead's zombie apocalypse.

Army of Thieves showcases the early days of Ludwig Dieter as a safecracker before he joined the world of crime. He is later approached by a woman, asking him to join a group of aspiring thieves to pull off a heist.

It's time to dissect and understand the ending of Army of Thieves.

Analyzing the ending of Army of Thieves

Warning: This copy could have spoilers for fans.

If viewers are familiar with the plot of Army of the Dead, they would know that Ludwig Dieter is on his own in Las Vegas. However, Army of Thieves shows a budding romance between him and Gwendoline.

Towards the end of the movie, viewers will see the Interpol agent, Delacroix, catching up to the 'army of thieves'. He manages to catch the hacker, Korina, first. She gives away Gwendoline's exact location and her escape plan.

This makes things easier for Delacroix as he catches her and Ludwig with all the stolen money before they can escape.

A still from Netflix's Army of Thieves (Image via Netflix)
A still from Netflix's Army of Thieves (Image via Netflix)

Gwendoline tries to cut a deal with Delacroix, knowing she's on the wrong end of his gun. She offers to surrender to Interpol only if Ludwig is allowed to run away.

To convince Ludwig to do so, she calls him a nobody, ending their love affair right there and then. Delacroix agrees to the deal and decides that he 'never saw' Ludwig when he caught Gwendoline, making Ludwig the last thief standing with a whole lot of money with him.

As seen in the sequel, Ludwig runs to Las Vegas to complete Gwendoline's dream to crack all the safes from the mythical Ring Cycle. In Army of Thieves, they manage to break into only three, leaving the legendary Götterdämmerung for the Army of the Dead movie.

So, in one way or the other, Ludwig's journey was always meant to end in Bly Tanaka's casino, and by joining Scott Ward's squad, he can finally honor Gwendoline's sacrifice.

All in all, the Army of the Dead prequel serves Ludwig's origin story and is an introduction to new possibilities for the Snyderverse. Army of Thieves is now streaming on Netflix, with the earlier movie also available.

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