August 2022: 5 new movies and TV shows on HBO Max

House of the Dragon (Image via HBO)
House of the Dragon (Image via HBO)

HBO Max has become home to some of the finest television in recent times, be it eerily real thrillers such as Big Little Lies or ever-popular teen dramas like Dawson's Creek. With the post-pandemic popularity of OTT platforms steadily growing, it seems to have found its way into the entertainment options of cinephiles and general audiences alike.

So far this year, the platform has been accommodating some diversity in content with fantasy television, reality series, documentaries, and drama.

Several shows and films are scheduled for release on HBO Max in August 2022. Fans are eagerly waiting for House of the Dragon, set in the intriguing universe of Game of Thrones, while the second season of House of Ho is expected to add to some of the best reality television there is.

Here are some of the most anticipated TV shows and movies to be released in August 2022 on HBO Max.

The return of the Game of Thrones universe and everything else to look forward to from HBO Max this August

1) Jesus Sepulveda: Mr. Tough Life - August 5


Jesus Sepulveda's new comedy special, Mr. Tough Life, is one release to look forward to in August 2022.

If you aren't already familiar with his style, Jesus Sepulveda is one of the most exciting comics out there whose content comes across as amusing and relatable, both comfortably blending in as he finds his unique voice.

Being a Latino comic in the Los Angeles comedy scene, he presents quite an interesting multicultural combination of jokes that take inspiration from different aspects of his identity. Considering the duality her identifies with, his comedy is relatable, inclusive, and appeals to a diverse audience.

Releasing on HBO Max on August 5, 2022, Mr. Tough Guy shows Sepulveda talking about parents, upbringing, life and beyond.

2) The Princess - August 13

When it comes to Princess Diana, there is absolutely no shortage of information on the internet. Her identity has been an integral part of pop culture for a while now, and several documentaries have been made about her life. The makers of this one, however, claim to present a much more dramatic approach towards the Princess' life.


A much-awaited documentary on the life of Princess Diana, The Princess not only follows the personal and public life of the princess but also claims to be a commentary on royalty, media, and celebrity culture. The documentary uses archive footage from Diana's life.

The Princess releases on August 13, 2022, on the princess' 25th death anniversary.

3) House of the Dragon - August 21


A prequel to Game of Thrones, House of the Dragon is set 300 years before the events of the cult classic. With great production value and exciting talent on board, central to the plot is the war between the descendants of King Viserys Targaryen, mythologically identified as the 'Dance of the Dragons.'

The trailer for the show promises a tone similar to Game of Thrones and themes of politics, power dynamics, bloodshed and rivalry. The show is all set to air on HBO Max on August 21, 2022.

4) Katrina Babies - August 24

Katrina Babies (Image via HBO)
Katrina Babies (Image via HBO)

An original documentary that traces the after-effects of Hurricane Katrina on the youth of New Orleans, Katrina Babies is critically acclaimed and has found its way to several film festival screenings. Rather than claiming an objective perspective on the events following the hurricane, it sheds light on the more intimate aftermath.

A shocker of a documentary, Katrina Babies has some relatable characters and elements that make the most universal of things seem personal.

This fresh approach towards a disaster of that scale has brought Katrina Babies some great anticipation from the audience. It releases on HBO Max on August 24, 2022.

5) House of Ho (S2) - August 25


Capitalizing on the much-talked-about concept of the American dream, House of Ho is a docu-series that follows the life of a Vietnamese family that has made it big in the States. While the first season focused on introducing us to the central couple, Binh and Hue, it also set up a base for the upcoming ten-episode season.

Themes of family expectations, economics, love and relationships are all explored through the strangely gripping tale of this family that owns real estate worth millions and lives a lavish life, to say the least.

The second season of House of Ho releases on August 25, 2022 on HBO Max.

Watch all this and much more on HBO Max this August, along with all the older shows and movies that are being re-released on the platform this month.

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