Bona reportedly set to lead historical drama Joseon Lawyer with Woo Do-hwan 

The pair will be cast together for the first time (Image via KingKong and KeyEast)
The pair will be cast together for the first time (Image via KingKong and KeyEast)

WJSN member Bona and actor Woo Do-hwan are rumored to be starring together in the upcoming drama Joseon Lawyer. Based on a webtoon of the same name, the upcoming historical drama follows the life of the morally ambiguous lawyer Kang Han-soo, who is notorious for filing pre-planned lawsuits.

By taking advantage of the feelings of wronged victims, Kang Han-soo unknowingly becomes revered as a problem solver and a hero for the common people of the Joseon age. He eventually has a change of heart and becomes a truly just lawyer.

Bona and Woo Do-hwan are currently reviewing the offer to star in Joseon Lawyer

According to news reports from several Korean agencies on May 10, the two have been offered the role of the leads in Joseon Lawyer.

The reports were soon confirmed by the pair's respective agencies. Bona's agency King Kong by Starship, corroborated the reports, stating,

“It’s true that Bona has received an offer to star in ‘Joseon Lawyer.’ She is reviewing the offer.”

The Tempted actor's agency KeyEast also gave an affirmative response, sharing,

“Woo Do-hwan has received the script, and he is positively considering starring in the drama.”

Riding high on the success of Twenty Five, Twenty One, Bona is reportedly being considered for the role of Kang Han-soo's client, Lee Yeon-joo. Despite appearing to be a commoner who has been unjustly treated, Lee Yeon-hoo hides many secrets of her own. Her initial meeting with Kang Han-soo is shrouded in revenge and secrets, but the pair soon warm up to each other.

On the other hand, Woo Do-hwan is reportedly all set to play Kang Han-soo, the titular Joseon Lawyer. He is Hanyang’s (modern-day Seoul) greatest lawyer. Knowledgeable and good at manipulation, Kang Han-soo is both the object of awe and envy for many. Initially motivated only by revenge and deceit, the lawyer has a change of heart, eventually becoming a voice of the people and a hero.

Incidentally, while Joseon Lawyer makes use of the Gyeongguk Daejeon, i.e., code of law from the late Goryeo and early Joseon Dynasties as a template, the story and the characters themselves are fictional. The show will reportedly transcend genres as they combine the beloved historical drama genre with romance, revenge, and the law.

Idol turned actor Bona will be aiming for another successful project after impressing audiences with her performances in Girls’ Generation 1979, Twenty Five, Twenty One, and Hit the Top.

Woo Do-hwan made waves with his performances in Sweet Stranger and Me,” The Divine Fury, and The King: Eternal Monarch. He is currently working on another upcoming drama, Hunting Dogs.

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