Bryce Hall punches a car window as he chases Stromedy for a fight

Bryce Hall and Stromedy have been at each other
Bryce Hall and Stromedy have been at each other's necks recently with calls for a fight coming through (image via Bryce Hall, Twitter)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 06 Apr 2021

The feud between Bryce Hall and Stromedy continues to escalate, as Bryce Hall recently attacked Stromedy's car and attempted to punch through his window to get to him.

The YouTuber vs TikToker battle is heating up now, as Bryce Hall recently confronted Stromedy at a restaurant before showing up to Stromedy's house demanding a fight. With tempers now rising, Bryce Hall was seen punching Stromedy's car window and chasing him through the streets of LA.

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Bryce Hall punches Stromedy's car and tries to chase him down

The fiasco began with water balloons being pelted across the street, with Bryce Hall running up to Stromedy's car. This situation came into being after Stromedy mocked him and called him a "wild buffalo." What ensued was a brief car chase, where Stromedy's crew managed to shake off Bryce and his posse.

Bryce then showed up at Stromedy's house to talk to the people present and square things away. He then briefly entered Stromedy's residence to talk, before demanding that the recordings be turned off.

The beef began when Stromedy mocked Bryce Hall in his "TikTok Clowns" diss track.

"Bryce Hall heard your girl was getting boring. Guess loyalty wasn't that important."
"Bryce, why you p***ing on your fans? I heard you beat 'em up, boy. Why you throwin' hands?"

Bryce Hall, not too happy with the disparaging comments, confronted Stromedy in a restaurant and eventually showed up at Stromedy's house proposing they settle the beef "man to man" with a boxing fight.

Stromedy has allegedly been ducking the fight with claims that he's going to Miami and won't be able to fight Bryce Hall. Aside from all the posturing, no date or venue has been set for their potential showdown.

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Published 06 Apr 2021
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