BTS ARMY goes gaga over Jimin after a special comeback performance featuring BTS is released 

BTS' Jimin takes over trends with just his name (Image vis Getty Images)
BTS' Jimin takes over trends with just his name (Image vis Getty Images)
Vibha Hegde

BTS fans, more commonly known as BTS ARMY, set Twitter ablaze after being captivated by BTS member Jimin's skills and visuals in a new video that was released today.

9 July 2021 marks the release date for BTS' "Permission to Dance," their new English single written by Ed Sheeran. While they were recovering from the release of the song and music video earlier today, HYBE Entertainment dropped a "comeback special" video, featuring the seven-member band performing three of their hits back to back.

Upon the release of the video, the words "JIMIN JIMIN" immediately started trending, hitting over one million tweets as of now.

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BTS comeback special: The Butterful Getaway captures the BTS experience in a nutshell

Fans were gifted a video of BTS performing their 3 hits - "Butter (Cooler Remix)", "Spring Day", and "Permission to Dance", in that order.

Fans were pleased to see Spring Day's appearance on the setlist, although many joked about the shift in mood between the tracks. Both Butter and Permission to Dance are upbeat pop songs, while Spring Day is classified as a ballad.

"JIMIN JIMIN" trends easily as fans marvel over the whole performance

BTS ARMY once again showed their effortless ability to take phrases and words to the top of the trending page with ease, garnering over 1 million tweets under the "JIMIN JIMIN" trend.

As fans continue to tweet, many are praising BTS for a job well done during the comeback special "A Butterful Getaway."

The K-pop boy band's label BigHit Entertainment does not seem to be slowing down. It has created a YouTube challenge where fans will be able to submit short videos of themselves dancing to BTS' latest song "Permission to Dance."

With so much content coming out at once, BTS ARMY is expressing its joy over the eventful day. As of now, the music video for Permission to Dance has hit 40 million views in just over 10 hours.

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