Captain America 4 leaks confirm new characters and much more

Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie on the set of Captain America 4 (Image via @anthonymackie on Instagram)
Harrison Ford and Anthony Mackie on the set of Captain America 4 (Image via @anthonymackie on Instagram)

While the release of Captain America 4 has been delayed to February 2025, leaks from the film have confirmed the appearance of a brand new character. According to Lego set leaks, Captain America: Brave New World will feature a major Hulk character and has also hinted at a lot more stuff that fans can expect from the film.

Alongside the new Hulk characters, Captain America 4 will also feature debuts of new Marvel characters as confirmed by the Lego leak. While things may be subjected to change, it definitely looks like the Captain America mythos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to get even bigger.

Lego leaks confirm Red Hulk's appearance in Captain America 4

A highly reliable Lego leaker on Instagram, Falcon Fan 1414, confirmed details regarding the upcoming Captain America: Brave New World Lego set. It offered us clues into the film's plot while also confirming the appearance of a highly anticipated character that Marvel fans have hoped to see in live-action for a while now.

The biggest confirmation here is that Thadeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross will be transforming into the Red Hulk in the film.

Captain America 4 will feature Harrison Ford as Ross, who will be taking over the role following the passing of William Hurt. According to leaks, he is going to transform into the red monster who has continued to give Hulk a hard time in the comics.

The leaks also confirm that Danny Ramirez, who was last seen as Joaquin Torres in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, will be suiting up as Falcon too.

Alongside him, Ruth Bat-Seraph aka Sabra - portrayed by Shira Haas - is confirmed to appear in the film. The character's inclusion has been proven to be controversial among fans as she hails from Israel; and given the current Israel-Palestine conflict, many fans were hoping that the reshoots that the film will be going through would omit her character from the plot.

The inclusion of Red Hulk in Captain America 4 does make a lot of sense as the film is set to feature many Hulk-adjacent characters. The main antagonist of the film currently is The Leader (who was last seen in The Incredible Hulk), with Tim Blake Nelson returning to portray him.

We can definitely expect a setup Thunderbolts to happen here.

However, it would still be recommended to take these leaks with a grain of salt as Captain America: Brave New World is set to go through extensive reshoots.

The film had already completed its principal photography in 2023 right as the SAG-AFTRA strikes were set to begin, but in December of the same year it was revealed that the film will be receiving additional reshoots as well.

The reshoots consecutively did push the film back from its July 2024 release date and is now set to open on February 14, 2025. Variety also reported that Marvel enlisted the help of writer Matthew Orton, who will be overlooking the script during the period.

Needless to say, the inclusion of Red Hulk in the film will surely sound exciting to fans and here is hoping the wait for Captain America 4 will be worth it.

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