Caribbean Shark attack: Italian tourist dies after being bitten in leg, 8 foot Tiger shark captured on video 

An Italian tourist was fatally bitten by an aquatic animal on a Caribbean island (Image via New York Post)
An Italian tourist was fatally bitten by an aquatic animal on a Caribbean island (Image via New York Post)

An Italian tourist was fatally attacked by a shark off a Caribbean island. Authorities stated that the 56-year-old victim died of severe blood loss after going into shock. Graphic images published by the local press showed the man lying on his back with blood dripping from his wound before he was taken to the hospital.

Antonio Roseto Degli Abruzzi was swimming near a cliff off San Andre’s Island in Columbia when his right leg was bitten by an eight-foot tiger shark. The tragic incident occurred at “La Piscinita,” known by locals for snorkeling. It is located about 235 miles off the Nicaragua coast and nearly 470 miles north of the Columbian mainland.

AFP reported that the area often has very few swimmers. A local government spokesperson stated that such accidents have never occurred in the past, making this tragedy the first. He said:

“There are diving programs with professionals in which sharks pass nearby, but nothing has ever happened.”

Locals expressed concern about entering the cliff area following the shark attack

Mirla Zambrano, a 50-year-old diving instructor, said this is the first time a person has ever been attacked by a water animal on the island of San Andres.

Rodrigo Lopez, a marine biologist, told the press that “people are very worried” following the attack. He continued that a witness reported that the man who was attacked was:

“A good swimmer and had been in the sea for quite a while, and when he went further out a second time after coming back towards the shore, he began to shout out for help and was surrounded by blood.”

As the victim was attacked by the beast, Mauricio Valdonado put his life at risk and swam towards the tourist to bring him back to shore. Speaking of the reason behind doing so, he said, “he was on his own.”

Tiger sharks are often large and have a reputation for being man-eaters. They do not let go of victims easily after biting them as their palates are diverse. These aquatic animals feast on limitless options, including fish, seals, birds, dolphins, etc. They can also consume turtles as their strong jaws and sharp teeth allow them to crack the shells.

Edited by Shaheen Banu