Corinna Kopf reveals how David Dobrik has been holding up post-cancellation

David Dobrik has been missing his since his apology video (image via Getty)
David Dobrik has been missing his since his apology video (image via Getty)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 06 Apr 2021

YouTuber David Dobrik has seemingly vanished from the face of the internet following the sexual assault allegations that were leveled against him and his content creation troupe "The Vlog Squad".

With no news of David Dobrik's whereabouts since, fans have been eagerly awaiting news regarding him and it seems a former regular in David Dobrik's vlogs, Corinna Kopf, is the one to give viewers an update as to how David Dobrik has been following the allegations and his subsequent cancelation.

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Corinna Kopf updates fans on David Dobrik's situation after hiatus

While talking to the paparazzi, Corinna Kopf was asked whether or not she had been in touch with David Dobrik and if he would come back. Corinna was also questioned about whether she was present during the filming of the video where Durte Dom allegedly sexually assaulted and coerced women into a threesome.

"No, not for the one I think you're talking about I wasn't there..... I'm sure he'll (David) be back I mean he hasn't posted anyway in like 10 months"

Keeping tight lipped about any details surrounding David, Corinna seems confident that David will be able to bounce back, and she too may be involved in future vlogs if David returns to that type of content.

Following David Dobrik's apology and subsequent hiatus from the internet, the star has lost multiple sponsors, and even lost his stake in his venture Dispo, an app that looked to change how people took photographs in the 21st century.

David Dobrik states that he's taking this time to re-evaluate his actions and content strategy while trying to make it up to the victims who have faced trauma as a consequence of his actions.

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Published 06 Apr 2021
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