Dateline: Secrets Uncovered: Where is Chad Wallin-Reed now?

Chad Wallin-Reed
Chad Wallin-Reed (Image via NBC Dateline)

Chad Wallin-Reed, an army vet and father-of-three, was sentenced to more than 80 years to life in prison for murdering a 20-year-old man who, along with five other men, allegedly stole solar light from his family cabin located in the remote and secluded woods in Plumas County, California, during the 4th of July weekend of 2011.

Chad, a convicted felon, is currently being held at the California Department of Corrections in Sacramento and will only be eligible for parole in 2092.

Sources state that the six men, all between the ages of 19 and 20, arrived at the location of Chad's property in a car and tried trespassing on two consecutive nights irrespective of the warning signs, which made his family fear the worst. It was on the second night that Chad chased them for about eight miles before shooting directly at them on a dirt road, killing Rory McGuire and injuring two others in the process.

An all-new Dateline: Secrets Uncovered episode is slated to retrace the deadly events that transpired on that fateful night. The episode, titled Miles From Nowhere, airs on Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at 8 pm ET on Oxygen.

Army vet Chad Wallin-Reed engaged in a deadly car chase with trespassers in July 2011

Over the 4th of July weekend of 2011, Chad Wallin-Reed, armed with a handgun and an assault rifle, chased a car driven by six young men after they stole solar light fittings from his remote Plumas County property twice. Chad reportedly shot at the speeding car several times as he pursued it in the darkness. During the pursuit, he believed he saw muzzle flashes and heard gunshots coming from the victims' car.

The victims then proceeded onto a dirt road that led into a meadow at the end of the 7.7-mile pursuit before turning around and heading back towards the main route. Chad then opened fire on the car with his assault rifle as they were driving past, hitting the driver and two other passengers. The driver, Rory McGurie, 20, was fatally struck in the head-neck region and died two days later.

Chad Wallin-Reed was found guilty of murdering one and injuring two during the chase and shooting incident

Chad Wallin-Reed was ultimately charged with first-degree murder, along with seven other offenses, including shooting at an occupied car, the illegal possession of an assault rifle, and five counts of assault with a deadly weapon. According to his defense, he was first fired at by the men inside the car and thus chose to retaliate by defending himself and his property.

All of the evidence was gathered along the route where the chase took place, which included bullet casings, the majority of which belonged to the firearm that Wallin-Reed claimed he used for the shooting. Further evidence proved that the car was next to the truck when he fatally shot McGuire and that no weapons were found on the victims, which contradicted Chad's narrative.

In 2013, Chad Wallin-Reed was given a 50-year life sentence, along with a predetermined term of 34 years, after a jury found him guilty of all counts, including first-degree murder. Chad is currently serving time at the California Department of Corrections in Sacramento and will only be eligible for parole in 2092.

Learn more about the case on Dateline: Secrets Uncovered's upcoming episode this Wednesday at 8 pm ET.

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