"David will come back": Logan Paul has his say on the David Dobrik controversy

Logan Paul recently weighed in on the David Dobrik controversy (image via Impaulsive)
Logan Paul recently weighed in on the David Dobrik controversy (image via Impaulsive)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 04 Apr 2021

In a recent episode of the "IMPAULSIVE" podcast, David Dobrik's situation became the center of discussion. Logan Paul shared his take on what's next for Dobrik and his relationship with the fallen-from-grace YouTube star.

David Dobrik has been on a YouTube hiatus following multiple allegations of sexual assault and coercion. It has cost the star followers, brand deals, and control of his own app Dispo.

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Logan Paul shares his thoughts on David Dobrik and a potential comeback

Initially hesitant to comment on the situation, Logan Paul carefully measured his words before speaking about David Dobrik. Calling Dobrik a friend and someone he likes, Logan Paul stated that he wishes for Dobrik to truly take accountability. He added that he had gone through a similar experience.

Here's how he put it:

"Keeping the sanctity of the relationship that I have with David because he is a friend and I want him to take accountability and really understand the situation. If you are so shut off to the idea of someone being able to improve and change, what are we doing here? Making mistakes is so human of us. Allow yourselves to forgive when the time is right."

Logan Paul took the time to reflect on his own situation, where he too was cut off and shamed as an influencer following the infamous Japanese suicide forest video. Recalling his struggles with fans and sponsors, Logan Paul shared some sage advice for the YouTuber.

"David will come back . He's gotta learn, improve and get extremely creative with what he's making because I believe any sort of Vlog squad style of camaraderie content - that is David Dobrik style vlogs - will come with a bit of bad taste."

David Dobrik has been taking a break from the internet as he works through the backlash and make things right with the victims that have come forward. It is unclear how any of David Dobrik's content will evolve following the gravity of the allegations leveled against him.

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Published 04 Apr 2021
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