Defending the live-action Disney remakes (mostly)

Disney remakes (Image via u/MrJustMartin/Reddit)
Disney remakes (Image via u/MrJustMartin/Reddit)

With the onslaught of several live-action Disney remakes underway, it seems that there won’t be any stopping the Mouse House’s remake machine. As long as the films seem to make money, they will continue the pattern, despite many decrying the idea of remaking the old Disney classics.


However, the remakes Disney has put out are better than people realize. There has been a consensus that they were inherently inferior to the originals, but that notion could not be further from the truth.

Audiences tend to associate remakes and reboots as carbon copies that never live up to the expectations of the original. Those are only misconceptions stirred up by rumors.

Let’s take a look at why live-action Disney movies are better than people realize.

What Disney is doing right with remakes

They are more mature

Dan Stevens as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Image via Disney)
Dan Stevens as the Beast in Beauty and the Beast (Image via Disney)

One thing that Disney has gotten right about the remakes is that they are more mature than their traditionally-animated counterparts. Both Dumbo and Beauty and the Beast have been significantly darker and moodier than the originals.

It seems that the filmmakers decided to stray away from the light-hearted and campy tone that was so well-known for the original films in place of something new.

With this maturity, there comes less juvenile humor and more themes grounded in reality. The audience becomes more interested when we see actual human beings on-screen instead of pencil drawings.

They provide a new medium to a new generation

Robin Williams’ Genie in Aladdin (Image via Disney)
Robin Williams’ Genie in Aladdin (Image via Disney)

Speaking of pencil drawings, there’s no reason to hate on traditional animation by any means. However, for some that require a different medium, hand-drawn characters may not cut it.

The animation might be too childish for some and might only be seen as serving the lowest common denominator to entertain.

When filming live-action, the viewer is drawn into that world more so. Many films would not have the same impact if they were animated instead of live-action.

Moreover, if people looked at Disney as only for cartoons, it would miss out on a different genre (live-action) to explore their stories, hindering itself.

Disney updates them with the latest technology

Dumbo, 2019 (Image via Disney)
Dumbo, 2019 (Image via Disney)

What really makes these remakes amazing is that we see them being made with the latest technology. It’s always a breath of fresh air to see what advancements filmmakers have made in the intervening years. Remaining stagnant in technological advancements can become a hindrance in any field.

With that being said, seeing the progress throughout these remakes is astonishing to see. Luckily, Disney has been successful with technological progress shown over time in its films.

With all that being said, these Disney films are definitely worth another look through a different lens.

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