Drake and Amari Bailey's mom, Johanna Leia, dating rumors intensify as rapper gifts her son a custom diamond chain

Amari Bailey shows off his new chain (Image via Amari Bailey Instagram)
Amari Bailey shows off his new chain (Image via Amari Bailey Instagram)
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After Drake and Johanna Leia were caught on a supposed date together, rumors have only increased about their relationship after the rapper gifted Amari Bailey a custom diamond chain.

Amari is a high school basketball star slated to be a real force in college and the NBA. The 17-year-old isn't tied to Drake through his basketball skills, though. Instead, it is via the possibility of his mother, Johanna Leia, and Drake being in a relationship.

Rumors had already begun about the two when they were caught overhead at a stadium date, but the latest news seems to confirm the situation. On Instagram, Amari Bailey posted a photo of himself and Drake. However, the main draw is the story he posted that displayed his brand new custom diamond chain.

The chain is a "10," which is the same number that Amari Bailey wears when he plays basketball. Within the 10 are diamonds of differing colors and the owl logo that goes along with Drake's OVO brand. It came as a gift from the rapper himself, lending further credence to the idea of him being in a relationship with Johanna Leia.

What began the dating rumors between Drake and Amari Bailey's mother, Johanna Leia?

Drake and Johanna Leia were initially spotted together at a basketball game that they attended. Rumors began there, but there wasn't much to back up what fans of the musician were beginning to believe. However, that changed when they were spotted on a date.

The two were seen dining in a very open space. In fact, the area was an entirely empty Dodger's Stadium that Drake used for the date. Their photos were supposedly caught overhead from a helicopter, which is how they were snapped in the first place. Of course, the images went viral, and fans further speculated about Drake and Johanna Leia.

There are also other interesting connections that the two may have. Amari happens to play with LeBron James' son. They both play for the Sierra Canyon High School basketball team, and Drake happens to be fairly close friends with LeBron James.

The Canadian star began showing up to games with LeBron James, where Amari Bailey would be playing. He may have hit things off with Johanna Leia at those games, and their relationship may have formed there. Fans will likely see more going forward.

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