Elon Musk reveals he set up "Doge mining rigs" with his kids, and Twitter is overrun with Dogecoin memes

Image via Twitter & Elon Musk
Image via Twitter & Elon Musk
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Elon Musk has been a very vocal supporter of Dogecoin, and one of his recent tweets was filled with memes on Dogecoin.

Musk mentioned in the tweet that he and his children have set up Dogecoin mining rigs. This is a computer whose sole purpose is gaining more of the currency. The clear takeaway here is that Elon Musk feels Dogecoin is worth the investment.

When another Twitter user asked Elon Musk what equipment he used, he gave the name of a price-effective data miner. He said that he had bought it off of eBay, which is a strange place for a billionaire to buy anything. It seems like Elon Musk is suggesting that is something that anyone can accomplish.

He's got himself trending on Twitter again. Twitter users are loving Elon Musk and the doge meme.

Here are some of responses to his latest tweet:

Elon Musk investing in a meme currency shows how he's different from most other billionaires and investors. He's clearly got a sense of humor, which isn't always the case with the most successful people.

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Elon Musk has invested a lot of time and effort into pushing Dogecoin

Elon Musk has been telling people to buy Dogecoin for over a year now. He has even been trying to get his fans to send it "to the moon." His support for Dogecoin has got its value to skyrocket.

Dogecoin ended 2020 at .003 cents. Yesterday, it was over five cents. If anyone were to have invested in the cryptocurrency in 2020, their investment would have shot up by 1,000%. This means that anyone who put $100 in Dogecoin would now have $100,000 in Dogecoin cryptocurrency.

No one knows how much Elon Musk has put into Dogecoin, but it's clear that he's made an investment in the cryptocurrency. He has most likely made a big profit from Dogecoin.

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