Throwback to when ex-adult star turned Twitch streamer "Sasha Grey" spoke about being recognized in public

Sasha Grey opens up about being recognized in public
Sasha Grey opens up about being recognized in public

Former adult film star and recently turned Twitch streamer Sasha Grey has spoken about being recognized in public. She spoke about how people come up with weird methods to take her pictures when she's in public and narrated a funny incident that occurred on the day of the stream.

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Sasha Grey on being recognized


In a clip from early 2020, the 32-year-old Twitch streamer and novelist received a question in her chat, asking her if she gets recognized a lot. This was her reply:

"Yes, actually today in the store, this guy did like the double take. I was getting fruits and as I turn around he's pretending to take a picture of snack with his phone, but he's taking a picture of me. Just ask for the picture man."

While mostly harmless, this is just a small example of what it means to be a former adult film actress, although it can lead to some funny interactions.

Since her retirement from the adult film industry, Sasha Grey has branched out. She is a media personality and has proven herself to be a woman of many talents.


In 2013 Saint's Row: The Third, Sasha Grey made her debut as a video game voice actress, providing the vocals for Viola DeWynter. A retro gamer at heart, Sasha Grey states that she still enjoys Tetris and Mortal Kombat, the games she played growing up.

Her diverse skill set has also led her to pen multiple novels and feature in a lot of movies and TV shows like Entourage. Eventually turning to Twitch streaming, her ability to entertain is unquestionable as she celebrates nearly three years on the platform. She can be seen streaming everything from cooking streams to World of Warcraft and more.

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