Fact Check: Is the Homo Piscis fish real or fake? Story behind human faced fish explored 

Claims of the existence of human-faced fishes debunked (Image via  Headtap Videos/YouTube)
Claims of the existence of human-faced fishes debunked (Image via Headtap Videos/YouTube)

Claims of the existence of the Homo Piscis fish went viral this month. A YouTuber asserted that human-faced fish was discovered in a lake. Despite the assertion going viral and grabbing the attention of other online publications, it is far from the truth. A human-faced fish does not exist in reality.

YouTuber Headtap Videos was the first among many who claimed that Homo Piscis fish were found in the waters of Lake Samsara in Karanji. While sharing a video of the peculiar fish, a voiceover said:

“Here in the depths of Samsara swim a unique species of fish, a species that bears an eerie resemblance to our own kind. The have been named as Homo Piscis, or human-faced fish… these aquatic denizens have shown evidence of intelligence far advanced for their kind. They navigate their environment with a level of cognition that rivals that of some mammals, exhibiting complex social behaviours and problem-solving skills.”

The Shocking Truth about Human-Faced Fish video was released on January 18 by the aforementioned YouTuber, who had amassed over 200 subscribers at the time of writing this article. The video in question had also amassed over 7000 views.


Despite the video amassing a low viewership, it was reported on by the Gistvic online publication who debunked the existence of the animal in question.

Homo Piscis fish do not exist in reality

Despite the video claiming that the human-faced fish exists in a specific area, it is far from the truth. The aforementioned website claimed that there is currently no documentation or scientific evidence that mentions the existence of the aforementioned animal.

Furthermore, one will be unable to find a waterbody called Lake Samsara on the internet. Neither is there proof of the existence of a place called Karanji, except a lake taking on the same moniker in India.

Several netizens also took to the internet to note that the video was AI-generated. Comments under the video read:

Netizens claim the Homo Piscis video is AI-generated (Image via YouTube)
Netizens claim the Homo Piscis video is AI-generated (Image via YouTube)

The video creator also took to the comment section to respond to a comment that read- “Absolutely shockingly untrue! AI is powerful. It’ll fool a lot of the unschooled” by saying:

“Good thing you were here to point out the obvious.”

Hence it is safe to say that Homo Piscis do not exist in reality.

This is not the first time claims of the existence of human-faced fishes went viral. In December, a video of a fish looking like it had a human face went viral on Weibo, a Chinese social media platform.

Many could see the aquatic animal appear above the surface of the water and show off its two dark dots which looked like eyes, two lines which looked like a nose and a horizontal line underneath which appeared to be the mouth.

A woman was also heard saying in the video- “the fish has turned into a fairy.”

The fish was reportedly seen in a village in the outskirts of Kunmig, South China.

A British-news outlet claimed that the fish was estimated to be worth $50,868. However, evidence of the existence of the species was not available online at the time of writing this article. One can speculate that the video that made it on Weibo was AI-generated as well.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande
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