"Caught this in animal crossing": Taiwan's giant oarfish aka 'earthquake fish' takes the internet by a storm

Taiwan's giant oarfish aka 'earthquake fish' takes the internet by a storm (Image via snip from Twitter/@TansuYegen)

The Giant oarfish in Taiwan has managed to capture the attention of internet users. This rare and majestic sea creature, also called the 'Earthquake Fish,' has taken the online world by storm. Divers in Taiwan recently came across a rare encounter with this mysterious fish, leading to awe and wonder across the globe.

Diving instructor Wang Cheng-ru filmed the discovery of the giant fish, and it has left experts in awe. The captivating footage shows the enormous creature with prominent holes in its body, indicating that it may have fallen prey to a cookie-cutter shark's unique hunting technique.

As the footage of it went viral online, several social media users reacted to it. A social media user named @justjamminjazzy reacted to the video of the giant fish by saying, "caught this in animal crossing."

The divers, equipped with underwater cameras, captured footage of the Giant Oarfish as it gracefully swam through the deep blue waters. The video of this rare encounter quickly went viral on the internet.

Social media users react to the video of Taiwan's giant oarfish

As internet users came across the video of an injured giant oarfish that typically resides at depths of up to 3,000 feet, they were startled by it. Several social media users said that one should not touch the fish, as it can harm them even more. However, some internet users reacted to the viral video by saying that they don't believe that this fish is real.

Is this giant fish real?

This fish is real, and it is primarily a denizen of the deep ocean. Due to its elusive nature and preference for deep waters, sightings of this majestic fish are extremely rare. It is known to have a gentle and calm temperament, and it moves through the water with a slow, undulating motion, resembling the undulations of an oar. Despite its impressive size, the Giant Oarfish mainly feeds on plankton and small crustaceans, filtering them from the water using its long, ribbon-like gills.

This fish is considered an indicator species, meaning its presence can reflect the overall health of the marine ecosystem. However, like many marine creatures, it faces threats such as habitat destruction and pollution.


It is worth taking note that this fish is one of the longest bony fish in the world, growing up to 36 feet in length. This fish also has a striking silvery body with a long, slender shape.

In some cultures, the oarfish has earned the nickname 'Earthquake Fish' due to ancient beliefs that its presence signals impending earthquakes and natural disasters. However, this is considered a fascinating myth with no scientific basis.

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