Fans demand justice for Jason Statham, The Rock, Stanley Tucci, and more as Prince William named "World's sexiest bald man"

Image Via Martin Kraft and Royal. UK
Image Via Martin Kraft and Royal. UK

Prince William has been deemed the "World's sexiest bald man" by a study of results from Google searches. The results were compiled by a cosmetic surgery specialist group called Longevita.

The report triggered fans who called for justice for other bald men and raged about the final results favoring Prince William.

The baldness of the male celebrities was their unique identifier. Prince William led with 17.6 million searches, where users also searched for the keyword "sexy" with his name.

Of course, the results included many other male celebrities. Mike Tyson was second with 8.8 million searches. Tyson's searches are nearly half that of Prince William.

Jason Statham landed third with 7.4 million, and Pitbull was fourth with 5.4 million. Michael Jordan rounded out the top 5 list with 5.3 million searches.

The list included other popular male celebrities, each with a fan base of their own. These fans were livid because their favorite celebrity didn't get to first place.

Fans demand justice for other celebrities after Prince William is deemed the "World's sexiest bald man"

Much of the internet didn't agree with Prince William getting the top spot on the list. But the study wasn't based on ratings, polls, or even a table of judges. It was based on search results and algorithms.

That means Prince William also has a huge advantage due to his status and the constant global media focus on the British royal family.

The report also comes on the heels of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's explosive interview with Oprah. This likely impacted Google searches for other members of the family. Reporters often asked Prince Williams about his brother's comments.

On Twitter, fans were outraged that other bald male celebrities weren't able to beat Prince William. Stanley Tucci and Shemar Moore were also on the list as well. Prince William easily beat even a massive celebrity like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Despite all of the outrage from fans on Twitter, most of whom agree that Prince William is undeserving of the title, the results aren't likely to change public perception.

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