Fans hope for a Taehyun X Zayn Malik collaboration after the TXT member's cover wins hearts online

Taehyun's rendition of Zayn Malik's "Let Me" leaves fans yearning for more (Image via HYBE)
Taehyun's rendition of Zayn Malik's "Let Me" leaves fans yearning for more (Image via HYBE)

TV's Taehyun fans were left swooning from his skills after the K-POP boy band member released a vocal cover of Zayn Malik's "Let Me."

The 7-member boy group was formed under BigHit Music (at the time known as BigHit Entertainment) in 2019. As this was the first group the label was debuting after BTS, many anticipated the debut of the group, wondering if they would live up to BTS' legacy.

Today, the group holds the record for the highest-charting debut album released by a male K-POP group, and they are also the second fastest K-POP group to make an appearance on the Billboard Emerging Artist chart. Out of the 60 nominations they've received, they've won 23 awards and were featured on People's "Talented Emerging Artists Making Their Mark on the Music Landscape in 2021" list.

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TXT's Taehyun leaves fans floored with perfect rendition of Zayn Malik's "Let Me"

Taehyun's cover of Zayn Malik's "Let Me" was released on the 8th of July, on TXT's official YouTube channel. He recorded the background vocals himself and also engineered the song on his own, under his studio room, Music Island.


Taehyun previously covered "Over and Over Again" by Nathan Sykes in April 2019. Nathan had given him a shout-out on his Twitter account, inviting the 19 year-old to come sing with him when he got a chance. Taehyun replied to him with gratitude.

Taehyun has previously mentioned that he looks up to Zayn Malik as an artist, often practicing his music while still a trainee before his debut with TXT. So when he released his cover of "Let Me", fans were excited to see Taehyun's growth as an artist.

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The second the cover was released, fans inadvertently trended his name while showing him their love and support - many even calling on Zayn Malik to collab with the boy-band member.

Taehyun has a heart-to-heart with fans, and hints at future content

Taehyun later went on Weverse, another fan-interaction platform, to give a little context behind the cover that he uploaded.

While the release of "Let Me" was a pleasant surprise for everyone, Taehyun had more to see, which kept fans on their toes.

With confirmation that he has creative control and management over "Music Island," fans hope that he may release more covers soon.