'Friends': 5 best one-liners by Joey Tribbiani

Still from Friends - Joey with his bucket of chicken (Image via YouTube)
Still from Friends - Joey with his bucket of chicken (Image via YouTube)

Everyone has a favorite Friends character and it's Joey, of course. Why wouldn't it be? He delivers the best lines, is the most relatable, makes everyone laugh and loves food more than anything.

Sitcoms may come and go but there will never be another one like Joey Tribbiani and his hilarious self.

'Friends': 5 Iconic lines by Joey Tribbiani


While Joey is mainly known for his passion for food, he is also known for giving viewers the most iconic moments on Friends.

Here is a list of Joey's top 5 one-liners in Friends.

1) How you doin'?

Probably the most famous line ever from Friends, Joey's "how you doin'?" was no less than a chick magnet. A catchphrase from the beginning of the series, the one-liner became an unforgettable one and is now forever associated with Joey.

What makes this line even better is that Joey had a very unique way of saying it which added to his flirty persona. This simple catchphrase by him encapsulated the entire charm and humor of his character and no one else can say those words the way he does.

Although being used in almost every episode, the one-liner was first heard in Season 4, Episode 13 of Friends.

2) Joey doesn't share food!

Besides being an adorable character, Joey was popular for being relatable. His love for food was so passionate that he was even willing to take a bullet for a sandwich, not to forget his undying love for Italian food.

Joey, of course, had an affair going on with food and always had a hard time sharing it. He not only found it difficult to share his food on a date but also couldn't do so with a kid. The first time Joey expressed this to everyone was in Season 10, Episode 9 when Phoebe confronts Joey's ridiculous excuse for not going out with a woman again, to which he yells, "Joey doesn't share food!"

3) Joey's apple

In Season 7, Episode 14 of Friends, Joey delivered yet another memorable line. The episode, titled The One Where They All Turn Thirty, featured a flashback sequence from Monica's 30th birthday party.

The gang is all there and Chandler notices Joey without a tie, when questioned about the same, Joey responds with:

"It hurt's my Joey's apple."

Referring to Adam's apple, of course. Chandler tries to explain to him that Adam's apples are not named after individual men, which makes that moment even funnier.

4) Occupation? Dinosaurs

Still from Friends - Joey and Ross (Image via YouTube)
Still from Friends - Joey and Ross (Image via YouTube)

No one can ever forget the episode where Joey accidentally punches Ross while they were playing around. Seen in Season 9, Episode 2, after a fallout with Joey, Ross tries to punch him but ends up with a broken thumb. The two then go to the doctors and since Ross can't write, Joey fills out his hospital form.

Joey tries to be helpful, but the only thing is he doesn't really know the answers to the questions in the form. When he reaches the occupation category, he says out loud, "Dinosaurs," as Ross is a Paleontologist, but Joey doesn't understand that.

5) What's not to like?

Still from Friends' Thanksgiving episode (Image via Youtube)
Still from Friends' Thanksgiving episode (Image via Youtube)

A definitely memorable episode in Friends: The One Where Ross Got High is a Thanksgiving episode where Rachel attempts to bake a traditional English trifle for dessert. Midway through the process, as well as the episode, she mixes up ingredients and turns it into a trifle-shepherd pie hybrid, replacing the creaminess with meat.

The friends, of course, can't upset Rachel so they all try to eat it, only they cannot. Everyone is disgusted by the 'dessert' and are on the verge of gagging, except Joey. He actually likes the hybrid and says, "What's not to like? Custard? Good. Jam? Good. Meat? Good!"

Note: The list is subjective and reflects the views of the writer.

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