'Friends': 5 lesser-known facts about Ross Geller

Still from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Still from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)

Ross Geller from Friends remains one of the most iconic characters in the history of TV. The adorable and dorky paleontologist stole our hearts throughout the ten seasons of Friends and even landed his dream girl Rachel by the end of the show.

Here are 5 lesser-known facts about Ross from Friends.

5 lesser-known facts about Ross Geller

1) Ross Geller was insecure about his masculinity

#Ross: I'm gonna go kiss Ben goodnight. I can't believe he thinks I'm a cowboy. (Pause) I would make a good cowboy

Ross Geller was very insecure about his masculinity. He was not very supportive of the male nanny for Emma and even became insecure when Ben admitted he liked playing with dolls instead of action figures.

Ross's insecurity stems from his childhood issues. His father would not let him play with dolls and even forbade him from wearing tank top as he thought it was not manly.

2) Ross and Rachel's first kiss

Ross and Rachel being weird together

Ross Geller and Rachel Green shared their first kiss in a public laundromat. Their kiss in Central Perk was not their first one, as it is often thought to be. Rachel needed to learn how to do laundry for the first time and Ross, who had a crush on her, volunteered to help her.

When a rude woman tried to take Rachel’s laundry cart, she stood up for herself. Overjoyed and excited with her newfound independence, Rachel grabbed Ross by the collar and pulled him in for a kiss, which happened to be their first.

3) Ross' age

During seasons three, four, and five of Friends, there was confusion regarding Ross's age. Throughout the three seasons, Ross was referred to being 29 years old, which meant that he did not age for three years on the show.

It might just be a plot hole that the creators overlooked. However, it can also be that Ross was insecure about turning 30 and thus lied about his age.

4) David Schwimmer was kept in mind while writing Ross' character

Playboy carti goes hard on mute I put that on Ross and Rachel was on a break

Warren Littlefield, the president of NBC from 1990 to 1998, said that the character of Ross was created specifically keeping Schwimmer in mind. It may be shocking to hear that Schwimmer almost skipped the show while reading about the part. Littlefield reportedly revealed,

"At the time, David was thinking, 'You know what. I'm just going to go back and do theater.' But his agent doggedly pursued him to read the script and come back from Chicago to read for the role,"

5) Ross was a liar

@LeX_215 I agree. 100%. Feels like a rocky marriage right now. Lol. Time for a break, but not like the Ross and Rachel break, an actual break. Lol

Ross was a liar. He lied about Chandler smoking pot and even hid things from his own sister. However, the person he lied to the most on the show was Rachel. Ross lied to her about his one-night stand with Chloe the copy girl and he covered up the fact that he held on to their tapes after accidentally recording them. He also lied about reading Rachel's 18-page letter.

Despite his foibles, Ross Geller remains one of our favorite characters from Friends.

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