"From GameStop to YouTube": The meteoric rise of Valkyrae

Valkyrae was the first female streamer for 100 Thieves (Image via Thesportsbrush)
Valkyrae was the first female streamer for 100 Thieves (Image via Thesportsbrush)

Rachell “Valkyrae” Hofstetter is one of the most popular female streamers globally.

For long, she has been an advocate for female streamers in gaming and was also the first of her kind to sign for 100 Thieves.

Valkyrae’s rise to the summit was gradual but rather steady. After graduation, she worked various jobs and got hired at GameStop. While working here, the streamer began sharing her gaming hobby on Instagram, garnering herself a small following online

She gathered an ardent following as soon as she vested her interest in gaming and streaming.

Even though 2020 was a challenging year for everyone, it was a breakout one for gaming and streamers, including Valkyrae, who left Twitch to sign an exclusive deal with YouTube.

Throughout her career, the 29-year-old has established herself as a force to be reckoned with. Valkyrae has won and been nominated for some prestigious awards as well.

She was voted “The Fastest Growing Live Streamer In The World” and “The Biggest Female Gaming Streamer In The World” by Ryan Wyatt, Head of Gaming & Commerce at YouTube, last October.

Valkyrae bags Content Creator of the Year award

The American YouTuber was one of many to shift her attention to InnerSloth's Among Us last year, amidst the pandemic-induced lockdown.

The title didn't attain much success after being rolled out in 2018 but was revived by scores of streamers in 2020. This marked the beginning of a symbiotic relationship that has benefited both the title and streamers.

Valkyrae was also the most-watched female streamer for November. This saw her bag yet another feather in her cap, as a month later, she won the Content Creator of the Year gong at The Game Awards.

The Washington native finished ahead of popular streamers like Nicholas "Nickmercs" Kolcheff, Alanah Pearce, Timothy "TimTheTatman" Jon Betar, and Jay-Ann Lopez.

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Additionally, she recently crossed three million subscribers on YouTube, after just a year of signing with the platform.

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But this didn't happen overnight. Valkyrae has invested countless hours in streaming, which has also brought a massive surge in viewership.

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2021, too, has started on a pretty extravagant note for Valkyrae. With how things are shaping up, she is bound to break more records and will inspire other female streamers to try and reach the pinnacle the way she has.

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