Girls' Generation's Taeyeon gives helpful tips to younger K-pop idols

A still of Girls' Genration's Taeyeon (Image via Instagram/@taeyeon_ss)
A still of Girls' Genration's Taeyeon (Image via Instagram/@taeyeon_ss)

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon recently gave helpful tips to the younger generation of K-pop idols in the music industry. With plenty of experience as an artist, Taeyeon is followed and admired by many trainees in the Korean music industry.

Kim Tae-yeon, aka Taeyeon, is a South Korean singer. She debuted as a member of Girls' Generation in August 2007. The group went on to become one of the best-selling artists and also one of the most popular K-pop groups worldwide.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon looks out for future K-pop idols

During a press conference of Girls' Generation Taeyeon's latest solo album INVU, a reporter asked the idol how she felt as a role model for the younger generation of K-pop idols.

Taeyeon replied that she was proud and happy, but at the same time feels a bit pressurized by the fact.

"I’m certainly very happy and thankful to be a role model for a lot of them, but I do feel a little pressured by that."

The singer was further asked if she had any advice to give to the trainees who are working hard to become pop stars, since many of them look up to her.

Taeyeon responded that those who are in the process of starting their new journey as K-pop artists must focus on what they truly want to express through their music and performance.

She further stated that the younger generation of artists should seize opportunities according to a set concept in mind.

The singer also explained that the K-pop music industry is extremely competitive with trainees striving for superiority and popularity. She acknowledged that many groups are competing against each other to win the top spot in music shows and earn various titles through their music and albums.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon said that there are multiple talented groups and soloists within the industry and more artists are emerging each day, hence it’s becoming too competitive.

After giving a lengthy explanation, she wished that her hoobaes (industry juniors) don’t get too hurt as they are expected to dedicate most of their time training and practicing.

"I feel sorry for them. These days, I feel like the K-pop industry has become too competitive. I feel sorry for my hoobaes who had to survive in that sort of environment. I hope they don’t get hurt along their journey."

Girls' Generation Taeyeon's full-length album

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon is back in the music business and has released her third full-length album. On February 14, 2022 the singer released her latest album INVU along with a music video for the title track of the same name.

INVU is the singer’s first full-length album release in about two years and three months since her second full-length album, Purpose, in October 2019. The new release includes 13 songs from various genres, giving fans a variety of song choices to listen to.


The title track INVU is a pop dance song with a charming flute melody. The song expresses one’s feeling after seeing how different their partner is in comparison to them, who does not give up and loves them despite getting hurt multiple times.

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