"Give us Red Velvet" say fans after SM announces NCT lineup, NCT Hollywood 

The 29th Seoul Music Awards
The 29th Seoul Music Awards

The SM Congress 2021 did not include any information about the girl group Red Velvet, and fans were not happy. Especially in the face of announcements regarding NCT Hollywood.

SM Entertainment did announce, at the beginning of June, that Red Velvet is working on a comeback album. However, fans are not certain that SM might be able to give them the album anytime soon. There were no updates regarding Red Velvet's comeback album at the SM Congress.

Fans want Red Velvet Comeback, not NCT Hollywood

This is also what forced fans to take to Twitter to express their frustration and sadness. While some are asking for news related to Red Velvet's comeback, many are also asking for better treatment of the stars.

Some fans also expressed that they have been quite patient all this while, but SM has not made much of an effort in regards to Red Velvet. One fan even pointed out that waiting longer could push them towards violence.

A few also mentioned that while they loved all of SM's acts, they might abandon the agency's other acts if the agency doesn't give them their "queens" back. Some fans also noticed that Red Velvet got a total of just 15 seconds in a promotional video for SM Entertainment.

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Fans believed that this signified the place that Red Velvet holds in the agency.

When was Red Velvet's last performance together?

One might wonder if it has really been that long since the Red Velvet released their last work or performed together. The act last released Psycho in December 2019 and the five members, Joy, Wendy, Irene, Seulgi, and Yeri, performed together at the ReVe Festival Finale.

Since then, the group has faced many issues. Wendy was injured while rehearsing for SBS Gayo Daejeon in 2019. In 2020, Irene was involved in a controversy after a stylist posted about an idol whose attitude was rude.

Initially, netizens did not know who the stylist was talking about. The stylist only used initials in her post. However, speculation was rife that it was indeed Irene who was being talked about in the post.

She also admitted to the same after sharing an apology post. After all of these controversies, the fans believe that it is time SM paid attention to Red Velvet.

When is Red Velvet's comeback?

Red Velvet's comeback, according to SM's statement, is scheduled for August 2021. The agency said in a statement: "Red Velvet are currently preparing a new album with a comeback in August as their goal. Please anticipate it a lot."

Meanwhile, band members Wendy and Joy made their solo debuts in 2020. Wendy with Like Water and Joy with Hello.

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