SM Entertainment announces huge plans for NCT Hollywood, but fans don't want any part of it

The 29th Seoul Music Awards
The 29th Seoul Music Awards

It was announced on June 29th during SM Congress 2021 that SM Entertainment will launch a new program called NCT Hollywood.

SM Entertainment, which is home to groups such SHINee and EXO among others, will work on this project in collaboration with MGM Worldwide Television Group.

At the moment, NCT has 23 members that includes the members of the sub-units. The new program will add more members to the act and the ones selected will work primarily in the US.

What is NCT Hollywood?

There are multiple sub-units within NCT such as NCT Dream, NCT U, and NCT 127, and NCT Hollywood would be another such sub-unit. The members will be American male individuals aged between 13 and 25.

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MGM chairman Mark Burnett revealed the following through a video clip presented at the Congress: "21 lucky contestants will be selected to join SM in Seoul, Korea and go through a K-pop bootcamp right there."

MGM is also home to hit American reality shows including Survivor and The Voice, and they will hold the auditions. NCT's Doyoung, Mark and Kun spoke about the plans with Lee Soo-man.

NCT members will take part as judges and mentors in NCT Hollywood

It was confirmed during the Congress that some members will also take part in the search for NCT Hollywood members. They will appear as judges and mentors for future members of the act.

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Fan are not happy with NCT Hollywood, as majority react on Twitter

Fans are divided over the announcement of NCT's new project, NCT Hollywood. Many are excited to see which existing members will turn into mentors. Quite a few believe that Ten will make a great mentor. However, others think this wouldn't be a great move.

There could be many reasons behind fans' worries. One reason could be the fact that the inclusion of more members would mean more pressure on the leader of the group, Taeyong. He would have to oversee NCT Hollywood's activities, in addition to all the other divisions.

In addition to NCT Hollywood's launch, NCT's Doyoung also revealed some other activities. He said:

"This year, we’ll continue to participate in activities that can showcase NCT’s identity. In addition to the promotion of NCT DREAM’s repackaged album, NCT 127 plans on promoting a full-length and repackaged album."

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He also added:

"WayV is working hard to prepare for activities after that. NCT U will also greet fans with a new combination [of members] this year, so I trust NCTzen (NCT’s official fan club) will enjoy that a lot.”
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