Gorilla Glue girl update: TikToker who sprayed glue in her hair visits ER 

Tessica Brown
Tessica Brown

Tessica Brown, better known as the "Gorilla Glue girl," recently went viral after posting a TikTok talking about her predicament and how she got there. Posting under the handle of Im_D_Ollady, the misfortune that she brought onto her scalp has left netizens feeling concerned yet entertained.

She has attempted to wash the substance off 15 times to no avail. The content creator took to TikTok to warn people about the dangers of spraying one's hair with Gorilla Glue.

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Gorilla Glue girl goes to the ER

After posting about the incident on Twitter, Tessica Brown had people worried about her situation. Stating that she has lived with this for a month and that even washing her hair over 15 times has not helped, Twitter users were convinced that her scalp and hair were severely damaged.

At one point, even Gorilla Glue's official TikTok chimed in with an attempt to salvage the TikTok artist's hair with some advice. This was done to help others who might've found themselves in such a situation.

Tessica Brown eventually listened to all the concerned people flooding her with advice. Brown posted a video of herself in the emergency room on Instagram, where she got over four hundred thousand views and thousands of support messages.

When Twitter users found out about this update, the reactions were mixed. Some sent the best of wishes her way, and others stated that she did it for the clout.

Here are some of the reactions on Twitter:

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