Gracie Wood racist rant controversy explained as Channel 7 news anchor's daughter sparks online fury

Social media personality Gracie Wood exposed for racist remarks (Image via OGButla/Twitter)
Social media personality Gracie Wood exposed for racist remarks (Image via OGButla/Twitter)
Karishma Rao

Gracie Wood, the daughter of Channel 7 journalist Amy Wood, has been exposed for making racist remarks. The 17-year-old was caught giving a grotesque speech in which she said “Mexicans and middle eastern, all they do is want to kill people.”

A video of her racist and homophobic speech went viral after TikTok user Denise Bradley, who operates under the username @auntkaren01 exposed Gracie. The account has a reputation for exposing racist individuals. Wood happened to be one of the netizens being called out in her “Racist of the day” segment.

The teen star has her own song called “You Ain’t My Boo.” She had amassed nearly 30k followers on Instagram before deleting her account. Her Twitter account has disappeared in the wake of the expose as well.


What did Gracie Wood say in the viral video?

The journalist’s daughter was being filmed without her knowledge. She started off the video by saying

“We should blow the whole continent of Africa.”

Someone in the video then asked her what about Africans? She responded:

“Kill em’!”
YALL! This is crazy! This is how it feels growing up in South Carolina! These people here are some of the worst kind! They discriminate for kicks! Her mom works for Channel 7! BLOW THIS UP IDGAF @TVAmy is this what you teach in your house???

When someone asked her how she felt about Germans, she said that she supported “Nazis” and added that since they all

“hate gay people and black people, I support. Heil”

She went on to perform the Nazi salute. Gracie added:

“Honestly Hitler was a pretty quality man and he went out the right way by killing himself. I feel like I’d rather kill myself than be killed by a firing squad.”

Wood proceeded to use the N-word, prompting loud laughs in the room.

Neither Amy Wood nor Gracie Wood have released a statement following the racist video clip going viral online. However, the former continued to be active on her Twitter account reporting national news.

Amy Wood hosts "7 News at 6" and "7 News at 7." In 2016, the South Carolina broadcaster was named the 'Anchor of the Year' by the South Carolina Broadcasters Association as well.

Edited by Danyal Arabi
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