Hilarious J Balvin memes take over the internet after Residente destroys rapper in diss track 

Residente's J Balvin diss track leads to slew of memes taking over the internet (Image via jbalvin/Instagram & Bizarrap/YouTube)
Residente's J Balvin diss track leads to slew of memes taking over the internet (Image via jbalvin/Instagram & Bizarrap/YouTube)

Residente has reignited his beef with fellow musician J Balvin. The former released a jaw-dropping track along with music producer Bizarrap. The two attacked J Balvin relentlessly in the 8 minute and 39 second song. Twitter has now unleashed a slew of memes mocking the Columbian singer.

Residente’s rap session was divided into three chapters where he bluntly targeted managers taking credit for work and musicians releasing music for fame. He attacked Balvin as well, among many other topics.

In the last chapter titled “Capítulo Tres: El Caballero de los Espejos,” he sang about the MOJAITA-singer whom he has been beefing with since November. Balvin took a dig at last year’s Latin GRAMMYs for not including urban representation in the nominations, which led to Residente calling Balvin “a little hot dog.” Residente also compared Balvin’s music to cheaply available fast food.

The Bellacoso singer fired shots at Balvin on his latest track and called him a “hot dog” yet again. He also referred to him as a “coward,” “racist” and also the “Logan Paul of Reggaeton.” His rap included:

“He’s so insecure that he has to be announcing on Instagram how much money he makes.”

Residente also took a dig at Balvin’s misogynistic past where he featured two Black women as chained dogs.


Twitter reacts to Residente's diss track about J Balvin

Twitter was flooded with a plethora of memes following the song's release. The controversy surrounding J Balvin has gained more traction because of the memes. It was noted that the diss track hit two million views within an hour of its release.

A few hilarious memes read:

Residente is the new Taylor Swift. J Balvin is Jake Gyllenhaal🤐🧠
JBalvin: ExisteResidente:
Residente y J Balvin round 2
Me listening to Residente cook J Balvin in an 8 minute diss track 🤯
Sale Residente || BZRP Music Sessions #49 TODOS // J Balvin
Residente really went full no mercy on j balvin just because he wanted to have fun

Netizens endlessly tweeted “RIP Balvin”:

Fly high J Balvin🕊🕊

Other parts of Residente's new song explained

In the song's first chapter "Capítulo Uno: En Un Lugar de la Mancha," the GRAMMY winner sang about his weariness in the urban genre. He compared himself to a crocodile swimming out of the Nile river. He rapped that he did not believe in "digital straming platform stars, in your billboards that are made out of cake whipped cream or your Dolce & Gabbana stories on Instagram."

The second chapter "Capítulo Dos: Mis Armas Son Mis Letras," included Residente taking a dig at managers taking songwriting credits.

In a recent Instagram post, Residente also revealed:

“With each view you will be donating to mental health organizations Taller Salud and Silence the Shame.”

Residente also shared with his audience recently that he has been dealing with several lawsuit threats since the diss track came out.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan
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