Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9: Will Ik-sun agree to meet Jun-wan after conversation with Ik-jun?

A still of Jun-wan in Hospital Playlist season 2 (Instagram/tvNdrama)
A still of Jun-wan in Hospital Playlist season 2 (Instagram/tvNdrama)

In Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9, fans see how Jun-wan and Ik-sun react after they bump into each other coincidentally on a bus to Seoul. It is highly probable that Ik-sun's brother Ik-jun had orchestrated the whole thing as he was the one who booked the bus tickets for his best friend. He was also aware that his sister would take the bus as well.

In addition to this, Ik-sun had talked to her brother about her relationship with Jun-wan when she was diagnosed with a disease in Europe. She had told her brother then that she broke up with Jun-wan for other reasons, but it is highly possible that Ik-sun did not want to hurt Jun-wan in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9.

Why would Ik-jun orchestrate a meeting in the bus in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9?

Ik-jun probably saw a picture of Ik-sun and Jun-wan together on her phone by chance and must have realized how much his sister continued to miss her ex. This is a plausible reason as to why he set up the entire bus meet.

In fact, in the promo of Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9 Ik-jun could be heard telling his sister that Jun-wan knew she was in town. He refers to a call that Jun-wan had heard while he was in the car with Ik-jun. Of course, Ik-jun had kept Ik-sun's condition a secret from his best friend all this while.

However, this conversation changes things and Ik-jun uses it to convince Ik-sun that what he had done was necessary.

Would Ik-sun tell Jun-wan the truth about why she broke up in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9?

The promo also featured Jun-wan calling up Ik-sun after seeing her on the bus. Over the call, he asks her to meet him once so that they can figure things out together. Whether or not she accepts the invitation is yet to be revealed.

Jun-wan has also had it extremely rough since his break up with Ik-sun. In addition to this, he also had to get used to the fact that Jeong-won may not be his roommate for long. He was also led to believe that Ik-sun had fallen in love with someone else while she was studying.

If Ik-sun does end up revealing the truth in Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 9, it will be interesting to see Jun-wan's reaction to the news.

Hospital Playlist stars Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung and Jeon Mi-do in lead roles and is broadcast on tvN every Thursday. International audiences can stream the show on Netflix.

Edited by Siddharth Satish