How to complete the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

The Johto Collection challenge in Pokemon GO is a part of the Johto Celebration event that began on the 26th of January and is scheduled to go on till the 31st of January.

Like the Unova Collection challenge, the Johto Collection challenge also tasked trainers with catching a specific set of Pokemon in the game. They can be caught in the wild and by hatching them out of eggs. But the Johto Collection challenge only focuses on the Pokemon available in the Johto region.

The Johto Collection challenge in Pokemon GO

The challenge is straightforward. Trainers are required to collect nine specific Pokemon in the game. Here is the list of Pokemon that trainers have to collect to complete this challenge:

  • Chikorita
  • Cindaquil
  • Totodile
  • Sudowoodo
  • Sunkern
  • Murkrow
  • Smeargle
  • Miltank
  • Larvitar

Out of this list, Smeargle is the only Pokemon that trainers will encounter if the Pokemon photobombs their photos. For this, trainers will need to take a snapshot of their Pokemon by either selecting the camera from their inventory and then selecting a Pokemon, or they can select the camera icon in the top right corner beside their Pokemon.

Once they've taken a snapshot of their Pokemon, Smeargle will appear in the snapshot, as if it's photobombing the frame. Then Smeargle will spawn right in front of the trainer when they exit the photo.

Other than that, Larvitar can be hatched from 5KM eggs. It can also be obtained from one-star raids just like Cindaquil, Chikorita, and Totodile. Miltank can be encountered in three-star raids. Some of these Pokemon can even be obtained as a reward for completing special research tasks in Pokemon GO. Almost all of these Pokemon can be encountered in the wild as well.

To complete the challenge early, trainers can use incense and lure modules in the game. Lure modules can be activated at pokestops and draws Pokemon to the stop, whereas incense draws Pokemon to the trainer. These items are active for 30 minutes each and can be purchased from the in-game store in Pokemon GO.

Completing this challenge will earn trainers the "Elite Collector" badge in Pokemon GO along with 15 pokeballs, 10 ultra balls, and one incense.

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