How to get XL candy in Pokemon GO

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda

The XL candy in Pokemon GO is an item that trainers above level 40 can obtain. These candies are difficult to come across in the game making them one of the most sought after items in Pokemon GO.

The XL candy in Pokemon GO


With the arrival of the Pokemon GO Beyond update, the current trainer level-cap has gone up to level 50 allowing the Pokemon to get stronger as their trainer levels up. However, with XL candies, trainers can increase the CP of their Pokemon without having to level up themselves.

Getting the XL candy in Pokemon GO isn't an easy feat. Catching a Pokemon is a primary way of getting these candies. These candies are highly specific to Pokemon families. An Eevee XL candy will work only on Eevee. Catching subsequent Eevees in Pokemon GO will grant trainers the Eevee XL candy.

Hatching a Pokemon or transferring them to Professor Willow can also drop XL candy for trainers but the drop rates aren't motivating.

Trainers can convert a normal candy to XL in Pokemon GO as well. 100 regular candies can be turned in for one XL candy. For now, this seems to be the most viable way to obtain these rare candies in the game unless Niantic comes up with something better.

To go from level 40 to 41, a Pokemon requires around 10 XL candies. This number increases as the level increases. The following table shows the number of XL candies required for each powerup level in Pokemon GO.

Image via Reddit (r/TheSilphRoad - u/lewymd)
Image via Reddit (r/TheSilphRoad - u/lewymd)

Note: The above information is datamined, and may be subject to change in the future.

Trainers around the world need to keep in mind that the XL candy will be unlocked only after the trainer has reached level 40 in game. Looking for these items before hitting the level cap is futile.

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