How many kids does Fetty Wap have? Fans distraught after rapper's 4-year-old daughter allegedly passes away

Fetty Wap's infant daughter has reportedly passed away (Image via Rolling Stone)
Fetty Wap's infant daughter has reportedly passed away (Image via Rolling Stone)

According to numerous reports online, Willie Junior "Fetty Wap" Maxwell II's four-year-old daughter has reportedly passed away. A few reports from 2019 also stated that she had allegedly undergone surgery.

Despite the swirling rumors doing the rounds online recently, Fetty Wap's daughter's death has not been officially confirmed.

Lauren Maxwell was born to the American rapper and his previous girlfriend, Turquoise Miami, on February 7th, 2017. She has five siblings from Fetty Wap's previous girlfriends.

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Twitter reactions towards Fetty Wap's daughter's alleged passing away

When online reports mentioned the alleged passing away of Fetty Wap's daughter, Twitter stormed through people's reactions.

Fetty Wap has not yet given his reaction to any of these tweets or about the reality of his daughter's status.

Details about the children of Fetty Wap

Fetty Wap is a father of six children. However, he has never talked much about his private life.

His firstborn, Aydin, was born in April 2011 when he was in a relationship with Ariel Reese. Despite being childhood sweethearts, they eventually called it quits.

The singer then had his second child, Zaviera, with Lezhae Zeona. His third child, Amani, was welcomed to this world when he was in a relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Elaynna.

Fetty Wap's sixth child, Zyheir, was born in 2018 when he was in a relationship with Lezhae.

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Lauren Maxwell is Fetty Wap's fifth child, with Turquoise Miami. In 2020, she accused him on social media of not paying for child support. She stated in an Instagram post:

"Y'all, I'm finna book this flight so I can personally ask this ni**a when he plans to pay child support or get his daughter cause it's been two years, and I'm curious."

As support pours online, fans will be praying for the well-being of Fetty Wap's family should the rumors prove to be true.

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