Who is Dokteuk Crew? This Korean dance group got standing ovation from all of America's Got Talent judges

A still of Dokteuk Crew's performance in America's Got Talent. (Instagram/dokteuk_crew)
A still of Dokteuk Crew's performance in America's Got Talent. (Instagram/dokteuk_crew)
Paige Greene

Dokteuk Crew, a Korean dance group, clearly wowed the judges with their performance and creativity in a promo video released by America's Got Talent.

Before the performance began, Dokteuk Crew introduced themselves as a dance group from South Korea inspired by anime. They said,

Dance is our life. We eat, sleep, breathe, dance.

There are eight members in the crew. Some of the members in the crew are Ete, Jongwook, Lee hyemin, Kim Kyukang, Jang Yo-han, and Khaki. JDok is the leader, founder, and choreographer of the group.

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When the judges ask them what kind of activities they are in, they claim with confidence that they are "amazing dancers", and Sofia Vergara loves their spirit. They also spoke about their anime inspiration and said,

When we watch anime it has powers, it has dragons and heroes. And we bring that to our dance.

What is Dokteuk Crew's style and inspiration?

Dokteuk Crew has over 20k followers on Instagram. They have also collaborated and worked with a very popular South Korean dance studio called 1Million Dance Studio.

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Dokteuk Crew has participated in multiple competitions before and won quite a few of them. Their style is their signature as their inspiration influences not just their choreography but costumes, storytelling and more.

Dokteuk Crew chose to go with a popular fan favorite track by BLACKPINK called Kill this Love for their first performance on the show. At the end of Dokteuk Crew's performance, all the judges stood up and gave them a standing ovation. Their sync, their moves, all of it seemed to excite the judges.

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The performance also provided proof as to why the members of Dokteuk Crew were so confident in their dancing skills. This is definitely not their first rodeo. However, it must be noted that in the history of America's Got Talent, the only winner was Kenichi Ebina. He was a Japanese performing artist.

The majority of the winners of America's Got Talent have been musicians. A close follow-up are artists who are ventriloquists and then come magicians. Can Dokteuk Crew make it to the top?

As of now, the only thing that is clear is that they will make it to the next round of the competition considering the standing ovation that they got.

Dokteuk crew also has videos up on YouTube in collaboration with 1Million Dance Studio, and one of the videos happens to be a performance of 'Kill This Love'. The choreography is the same, but the fact that it is shot in the studio makes a great deal of difference.

Their choreography is more impactful and you can take a look for yourself.

The crew also posted a video performance of Whoopty which received almost 500 thousand views on YouTube.

BLACKPINK fans thank Dokteuk Crew for choosing Kill this Love

Many fans of BLACKPINK reacted to the crew's performance on Twitter and expressed that they were happy the crew chose to choreograph Jennie's parts of the songs. A few also applauded the Asian group for bringing a "piece of our girls" with them.

This also gave Blinks and fans of America's Got Talent the chance to tune into the Tuesday's episode of the show. The promo released was for an episode that was to air on Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

Edited by Ashish Yadav
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