How old is Hannah Neeleman? Ballerina Farm drama explored as influencer's set to welcome her 8th child

Hannah Neeleman
Hannah Neeleman's Ballerina Farm drama explored as momfluencer announces arrival of 8th child. (Image via Instagram/@ballerinafarm)

Hannah Neeleman, a 33-year-old momfluencer from Utah, has recently sparked some controversy about her content online. Hannah runs an agricultural business, Ballerina Farm, along with her husband Daniel in the rural mountain valley of Kamas in Utah.

On the official website of Ballerina Farm, Hannah stated that both Daniel and she grew up in the city. Following this, the couple lived in Brazil’s Sao Paolo for four years after their marriage in 2014 for Daniel’s work. During this time, the couple found themselves venturing inland to marvel at the countryside farmland community.

Influenced and fascinated by the agricultural farm life, after returning to Utah in 2017, Hannah set up a homestead as well as Ballerina Farm, where the couple sells sourdough accessories, pork, beef, and other kitchen essentials.

Ballerina Farm has amassed 6.5 million followers on Instagram, where Hannah posts snippets from her daily life as a rancher spent with her seven children and husband. However, the latest Instagram post, where she announced her pregnancy with her eighth baby, appeared to draw some controversial comments about the authenticity of the life that she portrays on social media.

Mormon influencer Hannah Neeleman's Ballerina Farm drama explored

Questions about Hannah and Daniel Neeleman's wealth surfaced after the announcement of their eighth child. What seemed to upset a few viewers and fans was the fact that the couple are not traditional ranchers who inherited their farmland from their family. Rather, Hannah’s husband comes from a well-off family.

Daniel is David Neeleman’s son, who is a former CEO of JetBlue and has an estimated net worth of $400 million. He is also the founder of four other airlines — Azul Brazilian Airways, WestJet, Morris Air, and Breeze Airways.


Viewers expressed that the kind of self-made lifestyle showcased by Hannah Neeleman to the public is in conflict with her family’s wealthy background. Some opined that even though the couple sold their assets and left the city for farm life, they probably have a fair amount of money saved in their bank accounts.

People who conveyed their objection to Hannah Neeleman’s content said that the momfluencer was falsely representing and romanticizing a lifestyle that has very little glory to it in reality. Many who said they grew up on farms or are generational ranchers said that life on rural farmland is not as easygoing as Hannah presents it to be.

They also added that the rustic aesthetic upheld by Hannah and her husband is not the real picture. In addition, netizens also said that most traditional ranchers do not have a financially smooth life compared to the Neelemans, who probably have more than sufficient monetary backup.

Hannah Neeleman's Ballerina Farm also came under controversy after she went viral for her pro-life response at the Mrs. American 2023 pageant back in August, where she represented South Dakota. She was asked about a moment in her life when she felt the most empowered, to which Hannah proudly responded that she experienced the feeling of empowerment seven times while bringing her children into this world.

The 33-year-old's glorification of bearing multiple children did not sit right with some people, which led to a few negative comments.

Some of her fans also defended her against the negative criticism, reasoning that the couple did not lie about not being traditional ranchers and only posted harmless content. Neither Hannah Neeleman nor her husband Daniel have addressed the claims yet.

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