How old is Zac Efron? Fans react as he plays dad to pyrokinetic daughter in Stephen King's Firestarter

Zac Efron has a daughter with terrifying powers in Firestarter (Image via Peacock)
Zac Efron has a daughter with terrifying powers in Firestarter (Image via Peacock)

In his next film, Zac Efron takes on the role of an adoring father. The problems his character must encounter as a father, on the other hand, are not for the faint hearted.

On May 13, the actor will appear in a fresh rendition of Firestarter, which will be released in theaters and on Peacock.

Firestarter trailer reaction: Fans react to Zac Efron's role of a young protective father

Universal Pictures has released its official Firestarter trailer, giving fans their first look at the upcoming Stephen King film adaptation. The trailer depicts Zac Efron as Andy McKee, a parent who is pushed into hiding after his daughter, Charlie, demonstrates the power to summon fire when she is in pain.


The new version of the story's debut trailer isn't set to be a mournful, slow-burn trailercore cover of The Prodigy's Firestarter or Talking Heads' Burning Down the House, but it does hint at a different tone and approach for the book.

Fans worldwide, who have been eagerly waiting for this adaptation, have been taken by quite a pleasant surprise. While some couldn't believe they would live to see the 34-year-old heartthrob in the role of a father, others applauded seeing him in a completely new avatar and how seamlessly he has fit into the role.

Zac Efron is now playing a dad and I JUST CAN’T OVER THAT. It becomes even worse to process when I take into consideration how relaxed he seems and like this role was made for him. I’m proud & can’t wait to see what his character is willing to do for his daughter in #Firestarter.…
Feeling ancient: Zac Efron’s playing Dad roles now. #Firestarter
I never thought I'd live to see the day that Zac Efron was cast as "the dad," but here we are in the distant future. #Firestarter
#Firestarter is giving us dad Zac Efron. And he looks glorious. 😍 Watch the trailer HERE:
As someone who grew up with HSM (and still watches it today), it blows my mind that Zac is now old enough to play a DAD in a film. Like...where did the time go? 👀 #Firestarter

While mixed reactions are making way for the trailer, some fans cannot simply place Zac as a father figure in the popular adaptation.

zac efron is playing a dad in #Firestarter and i'm officially middle-aged thenthank you goodbye forever
I have no opinion on the new #Firestarter trailer, but I wouldn’t have picked Zac Efron for the dad….

Charlie's real-life father, aka Ryan's dad, is all about seeing Zac Efron take a seat beside her in protecting his daughter on screen. He took to social media to congratulate the cast, especially Zac.

From Ryan's real life dad: "Not a nicer guy in the business. An extraordinarily giving actor. This movie is going to be incredible. #firestarter #stephenking #2022"

Stephen King's Firestarter: Cast and synopsis

The 2022 remake stars Zac Efron as Andy, Sydney Lemmon as Vicki, and Ryan Kiera Armstrong as 11-year-old Charlie, who appears to be more bloodthirsty and self-possessed than in the book or the original 1984 film.

Andy and Victoria volunteered for federal pharmaceutical trials while in college. They gained limited mental abilities as a result of the medications, but their daughter, Charlie, turns out to be a formidable pyrokinetic.

The father and daughter team traveled across the United States in an attempt to avoid being apprehended by operatives from The Shop, a malevolent government entity tasked with using Charlie's superpowers as a weapon of mass destruction.

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