Hwasa of Mamamoo opens YouTube channel for her 26th birthday, posts 2 videos 

Mamamoo's Hwasa opens up her own YouTube channel (Image via RBW)
Mamamoo's Hwasa opens up her own YouTube channel (Image via RBW)
Vibha Hegde

Mamamoo's Hwasa has just announced that she has opened up her own YouTube channel, and fans could not be more supportive and excited about the news!

Hwasa, a vocalist for the four-member K-POP girl group, is currently signed under RBW. The idol debuted in 2014 with her group, and then made her solo debut with "Twit" in February 2019.

The 26-year-old has been collaborating with other artists outside of the K-POP realm, and it looks like she has stepped out of her comfort zone yet again to show her fans a new side of herself.

Hwasa opens her own YouTube channel, posts 2 new videos

Hwasa (or Ahn Hye-jin) posted her first video on her YouTube channel on the 23rd of July, 2021.

Like a channel trailer of sorts, the video is only a small teaser for what's to come in the future. Later the same day, she posted a draft version of one of Mamamoo's songs, "Dingga". She filmed a music video for it, featuring her ensemble of backup dancers.

Hwasa is the second Mamamoo member to open their own YouTube channel. The first one was Solar, who created her channel in January 2019. Solar uploads lifestyle, beauty, food and K-POP industry-related videos. She currently has just over 3 million subscribers on her channel.

After Hwasa's news emerged, fans gathered on social media in support of the decision and wished the singer a happy birthday.

Fans have been able to see different sides of Hwasa through all of the reality shows she has starred in - one of the most popular among MooMoos (fans of Mamamoo) being "I Live Alone", where everyone got a look at Hwasa's day-to-day house life. Clips of her eating in front of the cameras went viral: She inadvertently caused truffle oil to sell out due to a meal she made using the ingredient.

Combining this with the type of content her group-mate Solar puts up on her own YouTube, it's no wonder fans are excited to see what Hwasa has in store for her new channel.

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