"I was a big piece of sh*t": Destery Smith responds to allegations of grooming and pedophilia 

YouTuber Destery Smith (image via Destery Smith, YouTube)
YouTuber Destery Smith (image via Destery Smith, YouTube)

YouTuber Destery Smith has finally addressed the accusations floating about his alleged predatory behavior. The 30-year-old YouTuber had come under fire for reportedly exposing himself to female fans without their consent and sending them explicit photographs of himself.

Some victims even alleged that they were subjected to sexual advances from Destery when they were 12 years old. After months of going private on Twitter and avoiding the claims, Smith has finally released a statement about the accusations.

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Destery Smith responds to grooming allegations


In a video titled "My Thoughts," Destery Smith addressed the recent allegations against him. While he did not directly address the people who accused him, he acknowledged that he had swept some his dark past under the rug.

The YouTuber didn't mince words when talking about the person he used to be but firmly maintained that he's not that person anymore.

Here's what he had to say:

"I am aware of accusations being made against me. While I can't agree with some of the things said about me, I'm also not completely innocent. What I can admit to is I used to be just a terrible person. I have been very vocal that I was a big piece of sh*t. This has never been something that I ever tried to hide."

Smith referred to himself as a liar and a cheater. He even dubbed himself a "man-wh*re" and admitted to seeing multiple women simultaneously. He added that he was a terrible friend to those around him.

Smith also claimed that he has evolved and let go of his destructive qualities. Users looking to share their opinion on the video cannot currently do so, as Smith explained that he had disabled comments to prevent further negativity.

Twitter seemed to be the only forum where people could react to his statement.

Here area few reactions to his statement on Twitter:

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