YouTuber Destery Smith accused of grooming and pedophilia by multiple fans

Destery Smith has come under fire from fans (image via Destery Smith, YouTube)
Destery Smith has come under fire from fans (image via Destery Smith, YouTube)

YouTuber Destery Smith has come under fire after allegations of pedophilia, and underage grooming were mounted against him.

Fans took to TikTok to voice their thoughts on Smith. Multiple people came forward with stories of inappropriate behavior towards minors by the YouTube star.

Destery Smith has since set his Twitter account to private.

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Destery Smith hit with pedophilia and grooming allegations

One former fan came forward on TikTok and spoke about how Destery Smith inappropriately exposed himself to her on Snapchat.

She alleged that Smith tried to hit on his fans and showed inappropriate pictures of his genitalia. This is what the former fan had to say:

"It was kind of life ruining as he was my first crush and everything, and to know that he's perfectly comfortable using me."

The video got multiple responses. More fans started to come forward with their own stories. Nathan Owens, who was part of Smith's second channel DesandNate, also came forward.

As someone who'd known Smith for 14 years, Owens spoke about the incident that led him to pull the plug on his friendship with Smith. He told of how Smith manipulated him.

He added that Smith did the same to his girlfriend and Owens' love interest, Eevee. In no uncertain terms, Owens painted Smith as a manipulative liar.

The allegations of grooming and pedophilia continued to stack up as more fans come forward to talk about their experiences with the 29-year-old YouTuber star. Destery Smith has not responded to the allegations yet.

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