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Corpse Husband Billboard: Fans want him to feature at Times Square beside Emma Langevin

Corpse Husband Billboard was trending on Twitter earlier (image via marysophiles, Twitter)
Corpse Husband Billboard was trending on Twitter earlier (image via marysophiles, Twitter)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 13 Feb 2021

Corpse Husband Billboard was trending on Twitter thanks to the YouTube sensation's massive fanbase. In a Twitter post by Gymshark, the company stated that the most liked comment on the post would get featured in Times Square.

The matchup is currently between Jschlatt and Corpse Husband as the 'like war' for the Times Square billboard rages.

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Corpse Husband Billboard may become a reality.

Corpse Husband's entered the competition with the tweet "STREAM E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" a single released by the 23-year-old streamer.

Jschlatt, on the other hand, took an entirely different approach with the following Tweet:


While the run is close, the numbers show that Corpse Husband Billboard is the likely winner. Not one to rest comfortable with his lead, Corpse took to Twitter to summon his fandom for that extra push to win the Billboard spot.

Jokingly stating that they are at "war," he asked fans to drop a like on his comment on Gymshark's Twitter.

Fans have been campaigning hard for a Corpse Husband billboard victory, even going so far as to render their own mockups for the same.


Fans call for TikTok star Emma Langevin to be featured on the billboard as she features on the song's cover art.

With no other significant competitors, the Corpse Husband Billboard will likely become a reality thanks to his devoted fanbase. The deadline for the race, as stated by Gymshark, is,

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Published 13 Feb 2021, 12:19 IST
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