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Ethan Klein claims David Dobrik is using his "$100,000" puzzle to take advantage of minors

image via EthanKleinh3
image via EthanKleinh3
Aryan Mehta
Modified 12 Feb 2021

Ethan Klein recently voiced his opinion over David Dobrik's 100k puzzle venture. Disagreeing with the business practice and the intent behind the product, the h3h3 productions star took to TikTok to talk about why he disagrees with the product and why he thinks it should be illegal.

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What is David Dobrik's 100k puzzle, and what is Ethan Klein's issue with the product

To understand Ethan Klein's stance, viewers must know the intricacies of the product. David Dobrik's 100k puzzle is a limited run of jigsaw puzzle boxes that, when people buy, stand a chance to win some money back.

A total of 100,151 puzzles are available for purchase out of which 95,500 puzzles will return $0.25 to purchasers; 1,500 units will pay $0.50; another 1,500 will pay $1 each; 1,000 will pay $10; 450 will pay $50; 50 will pay $100; 50 will pay $250; 50 will pay $500; 50 will pay $1,000; and only one will pay $100,000.

Each puzzle box is worth $30 alone, and buyers essentially have to get really lucky to win anything.

Here's where Ethan Klein has an issue with David Dobrik's product. He states that the product in itself is unregulated gambling.


Posing as a product with a chance to win real money, Klein fears that kids will mostly not bother with the puzzle and instead chase the rush of getting a box that contains the $100,000. This will prompt them to spend a lot of money playing the odds.

"There are a lot of problems with this produc that I don't think are okay and it is kind of immoral. It's not a good precedent you know, I don't like it," Klein said.

While gambling is heavily regulated and the odds are well documented for all sanctioned gambling products, the 100k puzzle by David Dobrik is available to minors.

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Published 12 Feb 2021, 16:05 IST
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