Bryce Hall accidentally sends a text meant for Addison Rae to Josh Richards, immediately regrets his decision

 (image via J-14)
(image via J-14)

TikToker and YouTuber Bryce Hall recently had an embarrassing moment when a text meant for Addison Rae was sent to Josh Richards.

Addison Rae and Bryce Hall have been in an on and off relationship over the last year. Their recent tweets, combined with their statement on Addison Rae's vlog "The Truth About Us," confirms that they are back together.

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Bryce Hall's embarrassing text

Posting a screenshot from his conversation with Bryce Hall, Josh Richards could be seen having a laugh at the 21-year-old TikToker's blunder.

Intending to send Addison Rae a flirtatious text, Bryce Hall was shocked to see Josh Richard's contact at the top of his screen. The text was about placing Addison Rae's image as his phone wallpaper.

In typical "bro" fashion, instead of laughing it off and moving on, Josh Richards decided to air Bryce Hall's dirty laundry on Twitter.

Twitter users had a field day with the goof-up. The tweet has had over 17k likes and countless retweets. Fans have had a great laugh at the unfortunate incident.

For someone with a "tough guy" image on the internet, Bryce Hall's intended text to Addison Rae feels a little out of character.

It's something he himself acknowledged later by calling it a "simp text." Netizens looking for a good laugh may not want Bryce Hall to learn from his mistake, but he'll probably be more vigilant moving forward and check the contact name before sending a text.

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