Yassuo received a fake cease-and-desist, as the 'Bella drama' rages on 

Yassuo poses with the fake cease and desist letter he received (image via Yassuo Twitter)
Yassuo poses with the fake cease and desist letter he received (image via Yassuo Twitter)
Aryan Mehta

Popular League of Legends streamer Yassuo's drama with his ex-girlfriend Bella continued as he received a fake cease and desist order from the latter.

Yassuo recently fielded multiple accusations thrown at him by Bella and her current boyfriend, Katevolved. Yassuo released a statement with the hopes of discrediting their claims by exposing Bella's motivations.

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Yassuo receives fake cease and desist amidst the Bella drama


Yassuo prefaced his statement by stating that his intention is not to continue the drama. Instead he wanted to discredit the false information against him so that he could put the issue to bed.

When he received the false letter, the League of Legends streamer consulted his friend Ibrahim about the document who questioned its legitimacy. After taking the letter to a legal firm and contacting the agency in the letter, it was confirmed that the cease and desist was fake.

Bella claimed to be familiar with law and expected this to work. But the move has backfired as she may now face potential punitive action for forging a legal document.

To make matters worse, Yassuo revealed that Bella has been deliberately lying about her age. She claims to be 24-years-old, but is actually almost 29.

The real kicker is that her current boyfriend Katevolved is 19, makes her 10-years-older.

Yassuo hopes that with his statement, viewers understand that Bella and her claims are fraudulent.

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