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"He's a piece of shit": KSI said he will "finish off" Jake Paul

Jake Paul and KSI have been at each other
Jake Paul and KSI have been at each other's throats over social media (image via Talksport)
Aryan Mehta
Modified 12 Feb 2021

British YouTuber turned boxer KSI and his American counterpart Jake Paul have been going back and forth for months on social media about a boxing match between them.

KSI apparently had enough of Paul's smack talk and says he's itching to deal with him as soon as the pandemic is over. The British internet icon also did not mince words when talking about how Paul is good at 'pissing people off'.

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KSI calls Jake Paul a "piece of shit"

In an interview with The British Entrepreneur, KSI was asked about his opinion on Paul. Right off the bat, KSI went into his unfiltered thoughts about his counterpart.

"I f***ing hate him. I think he... He's a piece of shit man. He's good at pissing people off and getting under peoples skin, but with me, I know he fears me."

KSI quoted Paul's recent victory against NBA player Nate Robinson as the reason for his newfound bravado.


KSI says he doesn't consider Paul versus Robinson bout legitimate because the basketball player had no boxing experience, to begin with. Referencing his earlier bout with Paul's older brother Logan Paul, where KSI emerged victorious, he said,

"I beat your older brother, I can beat you and I will f***ing finish you. Wait for this pandemic to be over"

With all the smack talk, the two have been building up expectations for their match, if ever sanctioned. Business Insider reported that the KSI vs. Logan Paul's bout earned $11 million in revenue.

Fans can expect similar numbers for KSI vs Jake Paul.

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Published 12 Feb 2021, 17:46 IST
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