"I don’t tolerate any sort of nonsense or disrespect in any way": Selena Gomez gets real about life after Justin Bieber breakup in throwback interview

A still of Selena Gomez (Image via AP)
A still of Selena Gomez (Image via AP)

Selena Gomez is one of the most recognized names in the world right now, much like she has been for the better part of the decade. Shooting to prominence at an early age, Selena has seldom seen what non-stardom feels like. The 30-year-old began working as a child star at the age of seven in Disney's Wizards of the Waverly Place. She also took on the role of the frontwoman of the band Selena Gomez and The Scene, which was active from 2008 through 2012.

However, like most stars, Gomez also faced the ups and downs of fame. This was coupled with a prominent heartbreak at a young age, which almost shaped the journey and the person she is today.

Looking back, Gomez had few regrets when she spoke her heart out about these matters in The Hollywood Reporter’s Awards Chatter podcast in 2022. Her appearance on the podcast came after she successfully cemented her place as an Emmy contender for her work in Only Murders in the Building. She discussed this in detail during the interview.

Selena Gomez reflects on her rocky breakup and the following path

It's never easy being in the spotlight as a youngster and having to navigate most things by yourself. That is precisely how Selena Gomez had to deal with things after becoming a celebrity very early on in her life.

Speaking about her childhood, she recalled feeling constricted and added that it was when she lost a little bit of herself being a child. The star added that it was only later that she realized that she had missed out on a lot.

However, she wasn't just known for her music and her acting. Her relationship with the equally famous Justin Beiber became a thing of great intrigue around the world, as did the breakup that followed. It put Selena on a path of self-discovery and enlightenment.

The Only Murders in the Building star said that it was necessary to for her to go through those things as she had a lot of soul-searching to do. She noted that she didn't have her life figured out but she did know that during that period, she learned a lot about herself.

She added that she was going through a really tough breakup and was also left with the question about her career and what she wanted to do. Explaining how there was a lot that she was feeling, Gomez said that it was around this time that she was also going through a lot of things medically. She was diagnosed with lupus and was also facing issues with her kidneys.

She added that while it was all very hard for her, she now realized that it was really good for her. Selena noted:

"It allowed me to develop a character where I don’t tolerate any sort of nonsense or disrespect in any way, and I’m really proud of how I came out of it."

However since then, Selena Gomez has evolved significantly to focus on her acting career. Now, the singer plans to take it even further by working on bigger projects with bigger names like "David Fincher or David O. Russell."

Despite all the controversy surrounding her currently, Selena Gomez continues to be a crowd favorite even today.

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