"I could have killed someone": Adin Ross reveals he texts and drives regularly while talking about his deserved Twitch ban

Adin Ross reveals a bit too much (Image via adinross/Instagram)
Adin Ross reveals a bit too much (Image via adinross/Instagram)

Adin Ross was banned from Twitch after a fellow streamer tagged him and Twitch mods in a post, wherein the former could be seen checking his phone while driving.

Now, despite his fanbase calling out the platform and claiming the ban was uncalled for, citing several reasons; Adin Ross himself stepped up and announced that Twitch was not to blame, and it's his fault alone.

While the issue was put to rest there, in a recent video, he can be heard saying a few things that needn't have been said. Suffice to say, at times not talking about the past is a good idea.

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Adin Ross casually admits to driving while texting on mutiple occasions

In an interview with The Daily Stardust, Adin Ross may have said a few things that could be used against him later. Not only did he change his story about reading chats at a red stoplight, but only stated that he did this often. He starts by saying:

"I got banned from Twitch, but thank god it's only for one week. You know, it was totally my fault, I was texting and driving in my Lambo. But na, I was texting and driving, it was my fault. I text and drive, you know I could have killed somebody. Twitch did the right thing, and I still love Twitch."

Following the statement, Adin Ross pauses for a moment, following which the interviewer questions him by saying, "It looked like it was pretty safe though because you said it was at a stop sign?" To which he surprisingly replies:

"No, so it wasn't at a stop sign, but I didn't even realize bro because i do it all the time. I was doing this stuff all over the place, at least three or four times. I deserve that ban, I'm taking full accountability for it, and I'm just gonna learn and be better. That's just how you do it, you know what I mean?"

Rather than letting the issue rest, Adin Ross may have just stepped on his own foot, but mentioning things that can be used to incriminate him in the future, or perhaps even extend his Twitch ban.

While many are taking the incident lightly, according to the law, it is illegal to check the phone and drive. Furthermore, if things did go wrong a lot of people could have been seriously injured.

Here's what a few netizens have to say regarding the issue and his confessions:

It's unclear what happens next, and with his new statement now on record, Adin Ross is stepping on some very thin ice with authorities. Hopefully things don't heat up any further, and life continues as normal.

Watch the whole interview here


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