"I'm not being groomed": TikTok nanny Lizzie Norton defends father after viral "Dirty Dancing" video is dubbed inappropriate

Images via TikTok
Images via TikTok

A TikTok video made for laughs has raised eyebrows on the social media platform. Nanny Lizzie Norton and Andrew were seen dancing together in a suggestive manner which irked viewers. The two were filmed by Andrew’s wife Rachel as they attempted to perfect the famous "Dirty Dancing" lift. People on the internet assumed that Andrew was grooming the nanny.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Rachel captioned the video with,

“The nanny- dad content no one asked for.”

In the TikTok video, her husband Andrew and Norton were seen taking turns lifting each other while wrapping their arms around each other. Rachel could be heard behind the camera jokingly saying:

“You touched her boobs!”

Before turning away, Andrew responded with:

“I know, I know.”

In the TikTok clip, Rachel wrote:

“This is what happens… when dad comes home before the nanny leaves.”

In the video, Andrew’s hands were gripping Lizzie’s torso and grazing the bottom of her breasts.

The video earned over 6.6 million views on Rachel’s TikTok but for the wrong reasons. The TikTok community found the video “uncomfortable to watch.” Several TikTok users commented that the physical proximity between the two did not seem “normal.”

TikTok users react to the Dirty Dancing video

As the video gained over a million views, several TikTok users commented under the clip, calling it “inappropriate.” Some comments included:

“My wife divorced me solely for watching this video.”
“I have been a nanny for 15 years, and never in my life has anything like this happened.”
“Ben Affleck energy. Not in a good way.”
“Only way someone encouraged anyone to act like this with their husband is if they're desperately trying to prove to themselves that nothing is going on.”

Users kept flooding Rachel's account with their opinions about the video being uncomfortable. This also prompted Norton, the nanny, to create a TikTok account. Rachel defended their 23-year-old nanny throughout the ordeal. She said:

“Andrew and her are funny and she's like our little sister. When she dates and makes bad decisions on other things, we give her advice. We tell her we're disappointed in her, we tell her we're proud of her.”

She also clarified that the nanny was not a minor as some users were speculating. To this, Norton added:

“I'm not being groomed, everybody can calm down.”

Rachel urged TikTok users to leave the nanny alone. She also called the nanny an “angel” and expressed confusion about why the internet had assumed the worst about a harmless interaction between two people.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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